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Monday, December 22, 2008

Ordinary Mass To Look More Tridentine!

(MoLatinMass.Com) - A question comes from someone who prefers to remain anonymous: Can a priest who is offering the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite (Novus Ordo), use the so called "prayers at the foot of the altar" or recite the so called "Last Gospel"? The answer to both questions is yes. Let me explain....

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Regular readers of 'The Catholic Knight' are by now very familiar with the liturgical reforms underway by Pope Benedict XVI. Let's review a few...
  1. A better English translation of the mass will soon be implemented in the United States, scheduled for 2010, which will more accurately reflect what the mass really says in Latin.  The current English translation we use is very "Episcopalian" in style.  The Vatican has labeled it "defective," and revoked permission for the U.S. bishops to keep using it.
  2. The pope is considering moving the "sign of peace" to just after the creed, so as to maintain the solemnity of the eucharistic prayers.
  3. We can expect to so some instruction on the arrangement of the alter in the not too distant future, in which the old six candle arrangement will be encouraged for high masses, and a crucifix will be placed on the alter at all times.  
  4. Optional use of the "ad orientem" position, facing east toward the Lord, rather than toward the people, will probably be encouraged in the near future.
  5. While the faithful have always been free to kneel and receive communion on the tongue, we may see a Vatican instruction to restore the alter rails in every case where it is possible to do so.

However, the above article explores an even more interesting area of reform. Apparently, there is nothing stopping a priest celebrating the Ordinary Form of the mass (Novus Ordo) from reciting the "prayers at the foot of the alter" just before ascending to the sanctuary, as is universally done in the Extraordinary Form of the mass (Tridentine). The prayers are very beautiful and a rich part of our Catholic heritage. In addition to that, it would also appear there is nothing stopping a priest, celebrating the Ordinary Form of the mass, from adding the "last gospel" after the dismissal, and even concluding with the prayers typically used at the end of the Tridentine low mass. I encourage all of my readers to click on the "read full story" link above to read more details about this. The blogger who posted it (Mike) would invite your questions and love to provide some more answers.