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Monday, December 8, 2008

Why Islam Will Conquer The West

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: So another year rolls by and 'The Catholic Knight' is at it again. Dispensing of all political correctness, I point out a cold hard truth, no matter how uncomfortable it may be. Western society and culture is falling. If trends continue, and we have no reason to believe they won't, the complete and total collapse of the entire Western world is eminent - perhaps within a generation or two at the most. Islamic society and culture will eventually take over the world: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and Australia. It will do this without terrorism, without extremism, and without firing a single shot. Westerners will literally just hand the world over to Islam - on a silver platter. How? The answer is simple - demographics.

Islam will eventually conquer the world not by making war, but by making love, literally. Specifically I mean the kind of love making that produces babies - lots of babies.

The video displayed above addresses this concept, but it takes it to an extreme that is not likely to happen. While the innovations of abortion-on-demand, artificial contraception, and "alternative lifestyles" will remain a part of Western society and culture until it's demise, Islamic society can literally outlaw these things with a simple decree. Currently in many parts of Europe, nation-states have had to import potential new taxpayers from other counties just to keep their social security systems afloat. Why? Because native Europeans just don't make babies anymore - not in large enough quantity anyway. In a region heavily dependent on various socialist wealth-redistribution schemes, in order to make the system work, you got to have more givers than takers. As the population ages, and begins to depend on that system, you've got to have more young people than old putting money back into the system. You can't MAKE people have babies in a free democratic society, so if the majority of them won't, then you've got to get your tax base from somewhere. That's why Europe has been importing Muslim immigrants from Africa and Asia, who reproduce at four to five times the rate of native Europeans. However, these immigrants bring their Islamic religion and culture with them. The result; Europe is quickly becoming Islamic territory, and some areas are already governed by Shariah Law. The decline and fall of Secular Europe to Islam will happen quickly, and most of the people reading this entry will see it happen within their lifetime. North America is not much different than Europe, except the trend here is slower. Yes, Islam will eventually get a strong foothold on this continent as well. Historically, the United States has tried to slow this trend even further by allowing millions of illegal aliens from Mexico to settle within the nation, bringing with it a whole host of new problems. However, the secret hope of many politicians is that in addition to building tomorrows tax base once these people are legalized, their Catholic religion and culture (which shuns artificial contraception) will produce more tax payers for a future generation, thus holding off the Islamic invasion for another 50 years or so. The problem is that artificial contraception (and even abortion) is making strong inroads into hispanic culture as well. So within another generation, America will be facing the same problem. Because of the contraception and abortion inroads being made into hispanic culture, Central and South America will be subject to the same problem as well. In time, the only people reproducing at a sustainable rate will be Muslims. When that happens, Western nations will have no choice but to import as many Muslims as possible to support the social security system. When that happens, it's over for western society and culture. We will have faded into history like ancient Rome. How long do we have? Give it 30 to 40 years for Europe, and that's being conservative. Some trends indicate things might move along much faster in Europe. Give the United States and Canada about 60 to 70 years. Australia is in a similar situation. We can expect Central and South America to last about 100 years, or slightly more, assuming they are not taken by force.

Is there a way to stop this? Yes. It's very simple really. Catholics need to start being good Catholics, stop using birth control, and raise larger families. Like minded Protestants should do the same. If every Catholic and Protestant family did this, the problem would be solved within a generation.