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Monday, January 26, 2009

Reality Check - Liberals Are Weak

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Of course, the positive news of the SSPX's developing reconciliation with the Vatican has been spun negatively by the mainstream news media. We should expect nothing less from news outlets controlled by left-wing liberals. However, what follows on the heels of this is a media warning that the pope may create a whole new schism within the Church by attempting to heal an old one.

They cite the "plight" of liberal Catholics at he hands of this "arch-conservative" pope. In fact, Pope Ratzinger is actually a moderate by historical standards. In the 1950s Pope Pius XII's Holy Office suspected then Father Ratzinger of heresy for being "too liberal." Upon eventually becoming prefect of the same Holy Office some thirty years later, he was asked by a reporter what changed? Ratzinger responded that nothing had changed in him. He was the same theologian he had always been. What changed was the Church, which drastically moved so far to the left of him after Vatican II that some gave him the nickname "God's Rottweiler." The phenomenon of this moderate Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger) being labeled an "arch-conservative" is laughable, and it just goes to show how far to the left these media pundits really are.

Aside from this, liberal media pundits make a critical mistake in their analysis of the situation. They assume that liberal Catholics are made of the same stuff as traditional and orthodox (i.e. "conservative") Catholics. They're not. They assume that because some traditional Catholics broke with the Church over the liberalizing effects of Vatican II, some liberal Catholics will do the same over the conserving efforts of Pope Benedict XVI. That's not going to happen.

There have already been liberal breaks with the Catholic Church. The "American Catholic Church" is one such example. What have they amounted to? not much! That's because the vast majority of liberals like being liberal Catholics. For some reason they pride themselves on staying within the Church as dissenters, and rarely ever commit to breaking away and starting something new, especially en masse. That kind of gusto died out nearly five-hundred years ago, in the Protestant Rebellion of John Calvin and Martin Luther. Modern liberal Catholics are weak by nature. They generally don't have a good understanding of the Catholic faith, and are far more prone to simply complain, or become lapsed Catholics, then to organize a meaningful schism.

The point here is that Pope Benedict XVI is free to move ahead with whatever reforms he wants, because for all of their screaming, idle threats and crying "foul," nothing significant will come of it. A few liberal Catholics will fall away, and even fewer still might threaten schism, but it won't amount to much more than complaining. I suppose there is the remote possibility that one or two liberal bishops might actually break with Rome, but if that happens they will soon find themselves excommunicated with most of their diocese working against them. The best liberal Catholics can hope for is a few liberal priests to coddle them through this. The truth is, modern liberal Catholicism is perhaps the biggest paper tiger there ever was. When push comes to shove, liberal Catholics will cave in almost every time. On those rare circumstances when they do stand up and fight, their efforts usually implode. I'm sure the Holy Father feels free to do as he pleases, and I'm sure he will, all in good time.