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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Satanic Liberals Taint SSPX Return To The Catholic Church

St Gilles in Brussels, where Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre's father was held before he was condemned to die of "natural causes" at a Nazi death camp in 1944.
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT smells a Satanic sulfur in the air, and it's taking the form of Liberal news media reports that the SSPX is supposedly "anti-Semitic," and the pope has embraced "anti-Semitism," because of some comments made by one of it's bishops just before Pope Benedict XVI ordered the excommunication of all four bishops removed. It is typical of the Evil One to try to cast a shadow over anything good that happens within the Church, and those who promote this lie are doing his bidding, even if it is unwittingly. So let's examine the facts...
  1. The excommunications had nothing to do with the SSPX bishops' private views on various matters.  They were specifically related to an act performed twenty years ago, in which Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre consecrated four bishops without Vatican approval.  All the bishops involved were excommunicated.  It has specifically been stated that the pope's demand for the excommunications to be removed had to do with an "act of mercy" on his part related to that specific event in Church history.  It has nothing to do with anything else.  
  2. Pope Benedict XVI was reportedly unaware of the interview when he ordered the excommunications removed, though theoretically it wouldn't have mattered even if he did know.
  3. A bishop is only an authority on matters related to religion.  He is not an authority on secular history, nor does his office claim to be.  So any statement made by a bishop (any bishop - even the pope) about a matter of secular history (like the Holocaust for example) is purely a matter of his own personal opinion.  It does not in any way reflect the teachings of a particular religious order, the Church, nor the Catholic religion in general.
  4. SSPX Bishop Williamson, by his own statement, appears to doubt some historical reports concerning the Holocaust.  This however, does not necessarily mean he doubts the Holocaust entirely, nor does it necessarily mean he's an anti-Semite.  It is possible for somebody to doubt a particular aspect of the Holocaust without doubting the Holocaust itself.  It is even possible to doubt the Holocaust entirely and still not be an anti-Semite.  Doubting a historical fact doesn't necessarily make you a hate monger.  It could just mean you're an idiot.  You know, there are lot's of relatively "smart" people who doubt the 1969 moon landing and the entire Apollo space program of that era.  Does that automatically mean they're anti-American?  Of course not.  It is possible that Bishop Williamson may be an anti-Semite.  But it is also very possible he may not be.  He could just be an idiot when it comes to historical matters, or he could be one of those fruitcakes who is prone to believe all sorts of conspiracy theories.  Either of these cases may taint his image, but they don't automatically make him an anti-Semite.  To make that leap is itself a form of bigotry, on the part of the media, which assumes that just because a person denies a certain established history, it automatically makes him a racist.
  5. The head of the SSPX, Bishop Fellay, has already distanced the SSPX from Bishop Williamson's controversial remarks.  (See below the photo of his letter to the television station that filmed the interview.)  Fellay, in a later interview said: "I deplore that a Bishop may have given the impression of involving the Fraternity with a view that is absolutely not ours."  This was followed by an official SSPX censure of Bishop Williamson, in which Bishop Fellay banned him from speaking about secular politics or secular history.  You can read more about this HERE.  Furthermore, the Vatican has now called Bishop Williamson to task on his remarks.  You can read the Vatican's response HERE
  6. The timing and circumstances surrounding this "interview" with Bishop Williamson are extremely suspicious.  It appears as if the whole scandal was planned and coordinated, by the media, to coincide with the removal of the SSPX excommunications.  The interview was televised just hours after the decree was made public.  Yet, media sources in Sweden claim they knew about Bishop Williamson's controversial opinions at least six months ago.  Why not schedule an interview and televise it any time over the last six months?  Or if that was impossible for some reason, why not televise the interview a week from now, or a month from now instead?  Why televise the interview just hours after the excommunications were lifted?  Was it just to get high ratings?  If it was, then we are left with no choice but to conclude that the Swedish television station that filmed the interview, did so with the intention of creating a scandal, for the express purpose of boosting their television ratings. 
  7. To make matters worse, the interview allegedly took place in Germany, which technically makes Bishop Williamson's controversial comments illegal, (if they were said there), since Germany does not have free speech protection laws when it comes to speech related to the Holocaust and the World War II era.  
  8. Now that the excommunications have been removed, Bishop Williamson will have much to answer for, to the pope and fellow bishops, regarding his personal views on history and their effect on those who serve under him.  He may even have to answer to German authorities.  None of this, however, has anything to do with the removal of the excommunications for the reasons I cited above.  They are completely unrelated events, but the news media is linking them together anyway, for the Satanic purpose of thwarting the Church's attempt to heal a schism.