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Friday, January 9, 2009

Secular Inquisition - European Governments Put The Vatican On Trial

( – The Vatican envoy to the Netherlands has been called to a meeting to defend the Catholic teaching on sexuality and marriage by the Dutch Foreign Affairs Minister. At the request of homosexualist activist groups, Maxime Verhagen, a Christian Democrat, has demanded that the Papal Nuncio to the Netherlands, Monsignor François Bacqué, respond to accusations that the Church opposes “gay rights.”

Verhagen said, “The Netherlands is unpleasantly surprised by the opposition of Pope Benedict XVI to a UN declaration on human rights and homosexuality.”

Verhagen noted that although there were points of agreement with the Vatican statements, the “judgments of the Pope on homosexuality” are cause for concern “because they are unnecessarily offensive, as can be seen, and do not contribute” to a worthy debate.

The announcement is part of a declared campaign by homosexualist activist groups who are furious that the Church continues to resist the movement to legitimise homosexual partnerships. A leading homosexualist group in the Netherlands, the Dutch Foundation of Friends of the Gay Krant (SVGK), is calling for an international campaign against the Pope...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The Vatican is being far too nice by even agreeing to answer these charges. It's called RELIGIOUS FREEDOM! The irony of this whole thing is that these very same European government COWARDS wouldn't dare call Islamic clerics to defend their teachings against the infidels. The same goes for the homosexualists pressuring their governments into this.  They wouldn't dare do the same against Muslims.  The ONLY reason why they pick on Christians (Catholics in particular) is because they know we will respond with civility and they have nothing to fear from us. That's why they harass us.