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Friday, January 30, 2009

Traditional Anglicans And The Vatican

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: There are rumors circulating now about relations between the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC) and the Catholic Church. Early rumors concerned the recommendation by the Vatican Congregation for Doctrine and Faith (CDF) to receive Traditional Anglicans as a "personal prelature" of the pope, similar to the status enjoyed by Opus Dei. Later rumors denied this only by saying that the CDF has made no definitive decision yet. At this point we can only be sure of two things. One, Rome is seriously working on establishing full-communion with the TAC, and some have suggested an announcement could be made just after Easter. Two, we have no idea what form such full-communion will take.

FLASHBACK 2007: Rumors were flying in the early part of that year (see here) concerning the pope's motu proprio liberalizing the celebration of the Tridentine mass. Early predictions placed this event "sometime just before or after Easter" of that year. The predicted motu proprio eventually came in July.