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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Holocaust Denial Hypocrisy - Media Applies Different Standard Between Christians and Muslims

(The Jerusalem Post) - Recent events demonstrate the relationship of German political culture today to anti-Semitism.

On the one hand, one is not allowed to deny the Holocaust, as Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson found out. Chancellor Angela Merkel herself told the German pope in the Vatican that such an anti-Semite, member of the reactionary Pius X Brotherhood, could not be tolerated.

Just a few days later, Iranian government spokesman Gholam Hossein Elham called the Holocaust "a big lie to settle a rootless regime in the heart of the Islamic world." That weekend, moreover, Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani was invited to join the International Security Conference in Munich, where he said on Friday there were "different views of the Holocaust. I will say: It did not happen."

Was there any outrage in the case of the Iranians as there was in that of Bishop Williamson? German journalist Malte Lehming of the daily Tagesspiegel explained that Holocaust denial and genocidal hatred is not allowed if it derives from the Western world, like British Williamson. If Muslims do the same thing, nothing happens. This hypocrisy paradigm applies particularly - but not only - to today's Germany....

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Translation: when it comes to Holocaust denial, the mainstream media will not tolerate it from Christians - especially a right-wing SSPX Catholic like Bishop Williamson. However, when it comes to Muslim denial of the Holocaust... well... that's a different story. Please do not misunderstand here. 'The Catholic Knight' in no way approves the Holocaust denial of Bishop Williamson. With the rest of the Catholic Church, I call upon him to recant this madness. Rather, the point I'm trying to make here is what cowards the mainstream media really are. They haven't an ounce of courage in them. If they did, they would hold the Muslims to the same harsh standard as Christians, and ferociously criticize them when they don't measure up. Furthermore, if the mainstream media were truly fair and unbiased, they would generalize and stereotype Muslims just as often as they do Catholics - particularly conservative and traditional Catholics.

They will never do this, however, because you see they are cowards. They FEAR Muslims. I'm speaking of all the alphabet television networks and the major print media. They're afraid that if they hold Muslims to the same harsh standard as they do Christians, they will soon find themselves targets of terrorism and worldwide demonstrations. On the other hand, by virtue of their actions, the mainstream media has demonstrated they not only believe Christians to be more civilized, but in fact they rely on it. For if Christians were not civilized, the wrath that would have come down on the news media by now, for all their years of harsh criticism, would have left their studios and print shops in rubble. Yes, the mainstream news media not only believes Christians to be more civilized, but they count on it! Otherwise they would treat us the same as Muslims, and dare not utter a word of criticism when one of our own denies the Holocaust, or makes some other foolish statement.