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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Holocaust Denying Bishop Resigns From Seminary Post, Reconsiders Controversial Views

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The Spanish blog La Cigüeña is reporting that Bishop Richard Williamson has resigned as director of the SSPX Seminary of La Reja (Argentina). It also appears that the bishop is about to reconsider his position on the Holocaust, or at least it seems that he's open to further examination of the facts...
(Reuters) - ...Asked why he had not apologized for his comments, Williamson told Germany's Spiegel magazine: "If I should discover that I have been at fault, then I will do so."

Williamson told Swedish television in an interview broadcast on January 21: "I believe there were no gas chambers." He said no more than 300,000 Jews perished in Nazi concentration camps, rather than the 6 million accepted by mainstream historians.

"I ask everyone to believe me that I did not deliberately say something false. I was, on the basis of my research in the 1980s, convinced of the accuracy of my comments," he told the weekly in an interview released on Saturday.

"Now I must examine everything again and look at the evidence," he added....

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This is good news, and we can only pray the bishop comes to his senses quickly. 

In other news, SSPX websites around the world are undergoing a "purging" of all articles connected to Bishop Williamson, his disciples, his views and anything that may be remotely similar.

The question then begs to be asked; why was this not done sooner? We can only speculate, but it is the opinion of this blogger that Bishop Fellay, the acting superior general of the SSPX, did not have full control of the organization prior to this time. I suspect that while Fellay was the designated liaison to the Vatican, and served in some official capacity, his role in the SSPX was mainly a figurehead. I suspect the SSPX was governed more as an oligarchy of four bishops, and Fellay found himself in the compromised position of authority only by consent from the other three bishops. If he took too strong a hand with any one, it might result in the loss of his position, and the potential splintering of the organization. So Fellay spent the majority of his efforts over the last 14 years focusing on restoring communion with Rome in terms the other three bishops would accept. He achieved the monumental task of lifting the four excommunications through multiple petitions to the Holy Father, accompanied by a "bouquet of 1.7 million rosaries" offered by the prayers of the SSPX faithful. 

Now that the excommunications are lifted, it would seem Fellay finds his position as superior general backed by the recognition of the Vatican, which gives him a much higher stature in the organization, and one the other bishops feel compelled to fully acknowledge. He is now the sole liaison between all four SSPX bishops and the pope. Fellay has been working with the Vatican for 14 years now. He's developed a personal relationship with Pope Benedict XVI. He understands the nature of politics in the Vatican, and the inner workings of it's bureaucracy. He knows the ins and outs. The other three bishops are helpless without him, at a time when Rome has finally opened up to them. It is perhaps a scenario that none of them expected to encounter in their lifetimes, and they have no one but Bishop Fellay to thank for it. So the superior general of the SSPX now wields a mightier hand. He can effect reforms without interference from the other three bishops. He even has within his office the power to expel any one of them without significant backlash. His ecumenical success with Rome has significantly strengthened his position within the SSPX. Fellay, for the first time since his election in 1994, may actually be enjoying the full powers of his office.