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Friday, February 6, 2009

Jewish Groups Now Applaud Pope

(Spero News) - The New York-based International Jewish Committee for Interreligious Consultations (IJCIC) has welcomed the Vatican's call for a Holocaust denying renegade bishop to disown his reported views.

In a statement issued yesterday evening (4 February 2009), the Committee "applauds the Vatican for clarifying that Holocaust denier Richard Williamson is not welcome in the Catholic Church until he recants his deplorable statements concerning the Shoah....

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(Reuters) - Germany's Central Council of Jews welcomed the Vatican's decision to order a traditionalist bishop who denies the Holocaust to recant Wednesday, saying it could lead to a resumption of ties with the Catholic Church....

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Much to the chagrin of some in the liberal news media, and left-wing European activists, the plot to embarrass Pope Benedict XVI is beginning to backfire. Naturally, everyone is now trying to take credit for the Vatican's actions, patting themselves on the back for their hysterical shenanigans, over what is being reported as a "Vatican reversal." This is laughable. A Vatican's response to 'Holocaust denial' was both predictable and timely. Anybody who watches the Vatican regularly should have known what the response would be before it was ever issued. Likewise, anybody who watches the Vatican should have known it usually takes at least a month for the Holy See to issue a response about anything when it involves internal action within the Church. In this particular case, the Vatican was moving at breakneck speed. The mainstream news media used this predictable interim period to whip up a frenzy of hysteria among Jewish advocacy groups and left-wing activists that ultimately led to public calls for the pope's resignation. It was a Swedish television station that intentionally created the crisis in the first place, having filmed an interview with the Holocaust denying bishop on the first of November last year, and hiding it from the public until it learned that the excommunications were finally lifted on January 21. The station then aired the interview that night, just hours after the decree had been signed. The good news is that it's all starting to backfire now. The Vatican has released it's predictable response to this news, outlining what internal actions the Church will take to deal with it, all in the lightning pace time of less than a month. Before the media even has time to properly report this, response from the Jewish community follows with approval. Oh well, I guess the media liberals will just have to try harder next time.