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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

OFFICIAL: Bishops MUST Deny Communion to Pro-Choice Politicians

( - Archbishop Raymond Burke, in an exclusive interview last week, told that the issue of pro-abortion politicians continuing to receive Holy Communion is still one of major concern and that it is the duty of bishops to ensure that they are refused.

He told, "I don't understand the continual debate that goes on about it. There's not a question that a Catholic who publicly, and after admonition, supports pro-abortion legislation is not to receive Holy Communion and is not to be given Holy Communion."

"The Church's law is very clear," said Archbishop Burke, who was appointed last year by Pope Benedict XVI as the head of the Church's highest court, the Apostolic Signatura. "The person who persists publicly in grave sin is to be denied Holy Communion, and it [Canon Law] doesn't say that the bishop shall decide this. It's an absolute"....

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Archbishop Burke is 100% right, but I'm afraid that nothing short of a mandated order from the pope himself will make this happen. Most US bishops are too tied up in the "tyranny of relativism" to do the right thing on their own, and we cannot count on the USCCB to do the right thing either. The USCCB has repeatedly proved it's utter worthlessness on this issue. God bless the few US bishops who are doing the right thing, but they are few and far in between. I'm afraid the Holy Father is just going to have to take this matter into his own hands and mandate it. There is no other way.