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Friday, February 6, 2009

Poland Bishops Support The Pope

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: In the wake of the news media sponsored attacks on the Holy Father, and the defection (i.e. treason) of so-called "Catholics" who put their own "politically correct" interests above the Church's, the faithful throughout the world are now starting to be heard. The Bishops Conference in Poland, a nation that suffered terribly during the Holocaust, has put their support squarely behind Pope Benedict XVI and his decision to lift the excommunications of the four SSPX bishops. As we shall see in the days ahead, God has allowed this crisis to come upon the Church so that her enemies might be revealed. They've come out of hiding now, and they will continue to come out of hiding for a bit longer. We can only hope the Vatican is taking notes. (It's probably safe to assume they are.) Simultaneously, the crisis has given faithful Catholics the opportunity to support the pope during his time of need. Below is a translation of a letter sent to the pope by the Polish bishops, translation provided by Rorate Caeli blog. 'The Catholic Knight' encourages all the faithful to sign the letter of support to Pope Benedict XVI provided by Remnant Newspaper HERE.

Letter from the Polish bishops...
Warsaw, February 6, 2009.

Beloved Holy Father,

On behalf of the bishops of the Polish Episcopal Conference, I wish to express to Your Holiness words of gratitude for the latest gestures and steps, which have shown the concern of the Successor of St. Peter for the unity of the Church of Christ.

Opening the door of dialogue in view of the healing of a painful split is an act of great courage and genuine pastoral charity, ... .

We trust that this paternal gesture will be greeted with a similar willingness and openness on the part of the bishops and the faithful of the Fraternity of Saint Pius X and will lead them to accept without reservations the whole teaching and discipline of the Church, including the Second Vatican Council and the Magisterium of the recent Popes.

In response to the call to prayer, rest assured, Holy Father, that the Church in Poland is constantly supporting the Successor of St. Peter in his concern for all the Churches and prays to the Lord that every step towards the reconciliation of the Christian faithful may bring forth fruit.

† Józef Michalik
Metropolitan Archbishop of Przemyśl
President of the Polish Episcopal Conference

† Stanisław Gądecki
Vice President
Polish Episcopal Conference

† Stanisław Budzik
Polish Episcopal Conference