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Monday, February 9, 2009

Religious Tests - Government Inquisitions - Coming To A Public School Near You

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: When two New York Catholic parents decided to opt out of immunizations for their children based on religious concerns, the public school's district attorney subjected them to a "sincerity test" which amounted to little more than a government-sponsored religious inquisition. Watch and see for yourself. A video camera was brought into the proceedings...

Unfortunately, it appears the video has now been removed.
It was one of the worst violations of the establishment clause I've ever seen.

While this may be outrageous, it should not be surprising. What you're witnessing here is typical of how government education views parents (and their religious beliefs) with utter contempt. Some might be inclined to get angry. A few more might want to try to put a stop to this kind of stuff. To which 'The Catholic Knight' can only wish them luck - because they're gonna need it! This kind of abuse cannot be changed folks. It's not going to get better, and I can guarantee that it will only get worse. It will spread, to every public school district in the country. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon - very soon.

Government education cannot be reformed. That's why it was condemned by Pope Pius IX. It's flawed at the very core, because government cannot provide a legitimate education to children without government indoctrination and undermining parental rights. Such is the nature of government. The more government advances, the more the Church must retreat, and as the government advances everywhere - well...

No amount of complaining will stop this behavior. No legal action will slow it down. This is the nature of public school. There is only one solution that works. PULL YOUR KIDS OUT!!!!! Get them out of public schools!!!! Send them to private school, if you can afford it. If you can't afford it, home school them. Parents must start DEMANDING that their churches and synagogues provide free education to their children. They must start demanding that if they're going to pay their tithes to that church or synagogue, then the religion must provide education for the children of their members at nominal fees, or at no cost at all. This is the ONLY way out of this mess, and if American parents don't start acting soon, these government inquisitions will get worse, and they will involve more than just vaccinations. If this is what public schools will do to parents, can you imagine what kind of pressure they're putting on your children!?! THINK ABOUT IT!

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