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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Western Nations Will Have To Return To Christendom - Or Else...

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The Western world's experiment in Secularism has failed, and will have to be abandoned within a century if Western Civilization is to survive. 'The Catholic Knight' acknowledges that most people living today will not understand this assertion, and it is one I do not expect to be vindicated on anytime in the near future. Though the writing is on the wall in terms of demographics, it will be some time (probably decades) before the general population starts to feel it's effects. This will happen in Europe before the Americas.

Western society and culture is falling. If trends continue, and we have no reason to believe they won't, the complete and total collapse of the entire Western world is eminent - perhaps within two or three generations - if we're lucky. Islamic society and culture will eventually take over Europe, probably within one generation, and within another two generations after that, North America and Australia will follow. This will happen without terrorism, without extremism, and without anybody firing a single shot. Westerners will just hand the world over to Islam - on a silver platter. How? The answer is simple - demographics.

Islam will eventually conquer the world not by making war, but by making love, literally. Specifically I mean the kind of love making that produces babies - lots of babies.

While the innovations of abortion-on-demand, artificial contraception, and "alternative lifestyles" will remain a part of Western society and culture until it's demise, Islamic society can literally outlaw these things with a simple fatwa. Currently in many parts of Europe, nation-states have had to import potential new taxpayers from other counties just to keep their social security systems afloat. Why? Because native Europeans just don't make babies anymore - not in large enough quantity anyway. In a region heavily dependent on various socialist wealth-redistribution schemes, in order to make the system work, you've got to have more givers than takers. As the population ages, and begins to depend on that system more, you've got to have more young people than old putting money back into the system. You can't MAKE people have babies in a Secular society, so if the majority of them won't, then you've got to get your tax base from somewhere. That's why Europe has been importing Muslim immigrants from Africa and Asia for the last few decades, who happen to reproduce at four to five times the rate of native Europeans. However, these immigrants bring their Islamic religion and culture with them. The result; Europe is quickly becoming Islamic territory, and some areas are already governed by Shariah Law.

The decline and fall of Secular Europe to Islam will happen quickly, and most of the people reading this entry will see it happen within their lifetime. North America is not much different than Europe, except the trend here is slower. Yes, Islam will eventually get a strong foothold on this continent as well. Historically, the United States has tried to slow this trend even further by allowing tens of millions of illegal aliens from Mexico to settle within the nation, bringing with it a whole host of new problems. However, the secret hope of many American politicians is that in addition to building tomorrows tax base, once these people are legalized, their Catholic religion and culture (which shuns artificial contraception) will produce more tax payers for a future generation, thus holding off the Islamic invasion for another 50 years or so. The problem is that artificial contraception (and even abortion) is making strong inroads into Hispanic culture as well. So within another generation, America will be facing the same problem even among her Hispanic citizens.  

In time, the only people reproducing at a sustainable rate will be Muslims. When that happens, Western nations will have no choice but to import as many Muslims as possible to support their social security systems. When that happens, it's over for Western society and culture. We will have faded into history like ancient Rome. How long do we have? Give it 30 to 50 years for Europe, and that's being conservative. Some trends indicate things might move along much faster in Europe. Give the United States and Canada about 60 to 100 years. Australia is in a similar situation. We can expect Central and South America to last at least 100 years, assuming they are not taken by force.

The root of the problem is Secularism, and particularly the moral relativism that seems to accompany it. Under ancient Christendom, human sexuality was viewed within the context of reproduction and ecclesiastical symbolism. Sex was reserved strictly for marriage, and within that context, sex was seen as a good thing. The result of such conjugal relations was almost always pregnancy, and once again, this was seen as a good thing. Within the Biblical and Christian world view, children are always considered a blessing, no matter what the circumstances of their conception. However, children within marriage was the ideal the Church and State always encouraged. This policy between Church and State resulted in a rising population, and thus the expansion of Christendom, furthering the development of Western Civilization.

The Secular problem, invented in the late 18th century and solidified in the 20th century, detaches cultural behavior from religious influence. Thus the state has no moral authority to instruct people how to behave sexually. With the invention of artificial birth control, coupled with Secular moral relativism, the demographic demise of Western Civilization was set into motion. The only solution to this problem is to outlaw artificial birth control, but that will never happen under a Secularist regime. Oh sure, some secular governments may try it eventually (out of desperation), but they will fail, and those laws will be overturned. Because you see a Secular government (completely detached from religion) has no moral authority to outlaw the use of artificial birth control, or make any laws regarding sexual behavior between consenting adults.

What Europe will discover in the not-too-distant future, and the Americas will learn shortly thereafter, is that if such moral laws regarding artificial birth control and marriage are ever to stick, they're going to have to be decreed by some other method of government. The Novus Ordo Seclorum ("New Order of the Ages"), known as the parliamentary systems and democratic republicanism has failed. It cannot sustain Western Civilization in the face of modern scientific advances. When people are confronted with the scientific wonders of controlling their reproductive destiny, they almost universally choose self extinction. That is the conclusion of the last fifty years, which will be made painfully obvious over the next fifty years.

When faced with the reality of failure, what will the people of the West do? The immediate reaction may very well be dictatorships and the return of fascism, a failed method of governance that nations may have to relearn one more time before finally figuring it out. Naturally, there will be an attempt by larger western governments to consolidate power, as we've already seen with the creation of the European Union, and the attempts in North America to create a similar type of international conglomeration. All of these will fail, because Secularism itself is the problem. The result will be a continued decline in population as Islam slowly takes over. The question is simply whether the people of the West will continue to tolerate this kind of mismanagement until they are completely taken over by Islam, or will they rise up and demand an alternative.

The only alternative that has proved to work effectively in Western history was Christendom. European nations may be forced to revive those old monarchies once again, and make sure the state is closely aligned with the Catholic Church, and/or Eastern Orthodox churches - the only Christian religions that have consistently opposed artificial birth control. These monarchies could then outlaw artificial birth control, mandate marriage as the norm for sexual relations, and point to the Church for their moral authority. It's the only way to save Western Civilization from demographic extinction. What of the Americas? Well, your guess is as good as mine. Historically, three European monarchies have laid claim to territories on the North American continent, and two on South America. These territorial claims may be obsolete today for all with the exception of Canada. The fate of the United States is unclear, while Central and South America may have to come up with their own versions of Christian monarchies or perhaps some kind of democratic theocracies.

Whatever the case, one thing is sure. The Secular system of moral relativism was broken from the start, we just didn't know it, and no amount of tinkering will ever fix it. It could not withstand the miracles of modern medical science. Once people were given the opportunity to control their reproductive destiny, they overwhelmingly chose self-extinction, and Islam rushed in to fill the demographic vacuum. Within this century, the people of the West will have to chose between extinction or return to Christendom. One way or another, Secularism will die, and the Western world will return to religious rule. Will it be Christianity or Islam? We the people of the West will choose, and the children born today will probably live to see the result.