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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Democrats Hate Catholics

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: While not everyone registered as a Democrat may be anti-Catholic, a growing number of Democratic party leadership at the state and national level are clearly moving in that direction, and acting upon it with legislation. The anti-Catholic trend in the Democratic Party is well documented on this blog here. Voters registered as Democrats should seriously look into this matter, and consider if they really support this kind of anti-religious bigotry. Typically, the DNC will trot out politicians who have been informally excommunicated from the Church as front men to lead their anti-Catholic charge. Such persons include House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Vice President Joe Biden and Senator John Kerry just to name a few. This kind of party leadership makes it appear as if the Democratic Party is creating a "religious test" for Catholics within the Party. Catholics who go against official Church teaching are made out to be the little darlings of the DNC, while those who adhere to official Church teaching are shunned by the Party. In other words, the message from the DNC is that the only good Catholic is a bad Catholic, meaning one who doesn't follow the teachings of the Church.

The latest manifestation of the anti-Catholic Democratic Party leadership comes at the state level in Connecticut, in which the Democrat controlled legislature just attempted to introduce a bill that would have effectively robbed the Catholic Church there of all it's property, leaving every diocese in the state virtually penniless. The legislation harkened back to laws passed during the French Revolution. Currently, the bill has been shelved after an overwhelming national outcry against the legislation as unconstitutional, unamerican, and motivated by anti-religious bigotry. However, the anti-Catholic Democrats in the Connecticut state legislature have indicated that it's not over, and the bill may return for a second round, just as soon as they can determine if it passes constitutional muster....
(CNA) -- Following a deluge of phone calls and emails, a bill introduced in the Connecticut Senate to reorganize the financial and pastoral structure of the Catholic Church has been pulled and tabled for the rest of the legislative session.

Meanwhile, state Sen. Andrew MacDonald and state Rep. Michael Lawlor, the sponsors of the bill, have sent it to the state attorney general, Richard Blumenthal, to determine if it passes constitutional muster. The two lawmakers also canceled a hearing on the bill.

Despite the bill being pulled, the Diocese of Bridgeport is telling its members that the bill is still a possibility and that they are planning on proceeding with plans to rally against the proposed legislation...

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