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Monday, March 16, 2009

Fascism Returns To Europe

(Daily Mail) - In Austria's recent general election, nearly 30 per cent of voters backed extremist right-wing parties. Live visits the birthplace of Hitler to investigate how Fascism is once again threatening to erupt across Europe...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Here is an article on the most recent trends in Europe. Fascism is on the rise again, gaining 30% of the popular vote in Austria, along with growing minorities in other European nations as well. The trend mimics the political climate of Europe during the early 1930s.

So the pressing question is why? Allow me to dispel the mystery. Much of this is the product of European Liberalism, and the failed social policies it has produced. The European welfare state, coupled with the invention of artificial birth control, and the legalization of abortion-on-demand, has produced a population shortage in Europe. To support their welfare state, Liberal European governments must import a massive number of immigrants to offset the population loss and shore up the tax base. Unfortunately the majority of people who want to immigrate to Europe are African and Middle Eastern Muslims. Thus Europe is slowly becoming Islamic and losing it's historic cultural identity. Liberalism's social war on orthodox Catholicism, which encourages large families and abhors abortion, has been no help either, only exacerbating the problem. Thus European Liberalism has effectively put down the only influence (orthodox Catholicism) that could have helped it.

The reaction was predictable. In fact I did predict it about ten years ago, along with many others. A growing number of native Europeans have recognized a state of crisis as Islam slowly takes over the region. They know Liberalism is responsible, but because conservative Christianity is virtually dead in Europe, they don't know how to remedy the problem. So they've turned back to the failed ideologies of the past, embracing the Social Darwinism of the old European Fascists, and all the bigotry that goes along with it. That bigotry includes anti-Semitism, anti-Catholicism and anti-Americanism, along with a staunch new form of anti-Islamism.

The lesson of history is that Liberalism drives societies into Fascism, in a sort of cause and effect motif. Another lesson of history is that fascism was effectively suppressed during periods of European history when conservative Christianity (particularly Catholicism) was the dominate political force on the continent. This also serves as a warning to North Americans. To follow the ideals of European Liberalism is to eventually condemn ourselves to Fascism. The solution to many of our social problems lies right beneath our noses. It is in the conservative and orthodox influence of Christianity. We can either return to our Christian roots, or we can follow the lead of our European friends down the road to Fascism.

We should consider this a fair warning.