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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Next Queen May Be Catholic

(The Catholic Register) - Now, for the first time however, Prime Minister Gordon Brown is promising to review the act with an eye to scrapping the anti-Catholic clauses. The government promises to introduce reforms if it is re-elected for a fourth term within 18 months.

This may be a faint hope, considering the current sorry electoral chances for the hoary Labour government, but it is a hope nonetheless. Catholics have a reason to cheer.

Canadians also have a role to play in resolving this injustice. Since many of the former colonial governments of Britain continue to have the Queen as their head of state, they will have a say in any changes. While of late Canadian governments haven’t been noted for their friendliness toward the Catholic cause, they do profess to be open-minded and opposed to religious intolerance. So there seems little reason a Canadian government, of whatever political stripe, would oppose this change.

So, in the midst of all the economic chaos and the electoral cacophony of this crazy autumn, there is a tiny glimmer of light in the world. Perhaps one day we will sing “God save the (Catholic) Queen....

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