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Friday, March 13, 2009

Rabbis Declare Crisis Over - Full Dialog Restored After Papal Letter

(Catholic Culture) - Following a meeting with a delegation from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and the publication of his letter to the world’s bishops on the lifting of the excommunications of four bishops of the Society of St. Pius X, the head of the rabbinate’s delegation declared that the recent crisis in Catholic-Jewish relations was over. “This was not just another meeting,” said Haifa Chief Rabbi She’ar-Yashuv Cohen. “This was a special experience, a turning point, the end of a crisis. We could not have expected a warmer reception.”

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Of course there is nothing the pope could ever write that would satisfy the Modernists in the Church, or the Secular media outside the Church. Once again this demonstrates that the so-called "crisis" was hyper-inflated, and not nearly on the level made out by enemies of the pope both within and outside the Church. There is only one group of people who could make any honest claim to injury by this whole thing, and that was the Jews, who's leaders just returned to full reconciliation with this pope, now that they understand what he meant by his action of lifting the SSPX excommunications.

So the Modernists are left holding the bag, after all the horrible things they said and did, in open rebellion against this pope and exposing their true nature. After the events of this last month, we have seen a preview of things to come. The Modernists within the Catholic Church are the next Protestants. As assuredly as I write this down, it is as easy to predict. THESE PEOPLE WILL EVENTUALLY LEAVE THE CATHOLIC CHURCH! They are schismatic at heart. They're looking for an opportunity, a reason, an excuse of you will. It has to be a big one though, because they are hell bent on taking as many Catholics with them as they possibly can.  Hopefully the Vatican took some good notes on who supported the pope verses who opposed him. Maybe, just maybe (if we're lucky), we'll see some action to correct this sometime in the near future.