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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Struggling TLM Community Needs Help

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The Latin Mass Community in Springfield Missouri is in need of assistance, particularly in the way of donations and increased attendance. Previously the Tridentine mass time was scheduled for 7 pm on Sundays, which made it difficult for families with school age children. Attendance dropped off, and donations plummeted. As a result, I am told the traditional minded bishop is being forced into an administrative quagmire. He has to raise enough donations through the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) to justify keeping a TLM priest at the cathedral, and he has to keep the TLM at the cathedral for it's protection, because there are many in the diocese who are openly hostile to the Tridentine liturgy. So he has moved the Tridentine mass to 3 pm Sunday afternoon in the hope of increasing attendance and raising better donations. Of course, this has caused some conflicts with the Novus Ordo side of the parish, and that makes it hard on both groups.

In spite of all these difficulties, the TLM in Springfield has already managed to produce three men discerning vocation, multiple alter servers and many young girls serving in the choir.

Please pray for this TLM community in Springfield. It is the only regular diocesan TLM in all of Southern Missouri. Most importantly, if you know anyone who can attend mass at the TLM in Springfield, please make sure they know about it, and encourage them to attend...

St. Agnes Cathedral
533 S Jefferson Ave. (website, directions)
phone: (417) 831-3565
TLM every Sunday at 3:00 pm
with confessions from 2:00 - 2:45 pm
TLM Tuesday through Friday at 12:15 pm
with confessions from 11:30 am - 12:00 pm

Lastly, if you are able to help in the way of donations, whether it be time, finances or materials, or you know of anyone else who can, please contact the cathedral TLM celebrant for information...

Father Joseph Orthel - celebrant
phone: 417-808-0609