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Thursday, March 12, 2009

UN Proposes Making Criticism Of Islam Illegal

(UN Watch) - A new U.N. resolution circulated today by Islamic states would define any questioning of Islamic dogma as a human rights violation, intimidate dissenting voices, and encourage the forced imposition of Sharia law.

UN Watch obtained a copy of the Pakistani-authored proposal after it was distributed today among Geneva diplomats attending the current session of the UN Human Rights Council. Entitled "Combating defamation of religions," it mentions only Islam.

While non-binding, the resolution constitutes a dangerous threat to free speech everywhere. It would ban any perceived offense to Islamic sensitivities as a "serious affront to human dignity" and a violation of religious freedom, and would pressure U.N. member states -- at the "local, national, regional and international levels" -- to erode free speech guarantees in their "legal and constitutional systems."

It's an Orwellian text that distorts the meaning of human rights, free speech, and religious freedom, and marks a giant step backwards for liberty and democracy worldwide...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The Islamists are no fools. They know Modernism is weak and self-destructive. They will attempt to use the liberal sensibilities of westerners against themselves, by banning any possibility of criticizing Islam.  Once passed, this legislation will allow Islamists, via the United Nations, to declare any criticism of Islam a "hate crime." While the legislation is non-binding, meaning the UN will have no power to arrest individuals under this measure, it does not prohibit individual nations from constructing their own laws that allow them to arrest, convict and sentence critics of Islam. In effect, the measure legitimatizes Shariah Law throughout the Islamic world, and gives a UN stamp of approval on the arrest and detention of Christians, Jews and Secularists in Islamic countries.  Of course, there would be nothing stopping secularized western nations from enforcing a similar ban against criticizing Islam under the guise of "tolerance."