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Monday, March 2, 2009


THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: All over the nation, indeed all over North America, bishops are having closed-door group meetings with their diocesan priests. What are they talking about? They're talking about the priestly shortage in the western world which is about to reach critical mass! "We have just five years left!" they're saying, until the North American vocation crisis reaches a melting point. The last pre-conciliar generation of priests is retiring, and there aren't enough post-conciliar priests to replace them. Overall, seminaries in the United States, Canada and Europe have reported a steady drop in the number of new seminaries for 2008. This is in spite of a steady worldwide increase in overall seminarians, and a slight increase in the number of worldwide priestly ordinations reported by the Vatican today

The regions producing the most priests are in the third world - specifically Africa and Asia.  North America, South America and Europe are steadily decreasing, but not without their own small isolated exceptions of growth. Interestingly enough, they are exclusively in ORTHODOX and CONSERVATIVE seminaries, and they come from ORTHODOX and CONSERVATIVE diocese, with ORTHODOX and CONSERVATIVE bishops.
(Peter & Paul Ministries) - Dioceses corrupted by heresy in the United States cry for women priestesses and married priests because their seminaries are empty. The latest disclosure of vocations by the Church’s annual statistics are surprising! Worldwide, the number of major seminarians stands at 110,000 up from the dismal low of 60,000 in 1975. In other words, we have had a 75% increase in the number of seminarians over the past two decades. The increase in vocations has even been seen in parts of the United States such as, in the dioceses of Arlington (VA), Denver (C0), Philadelphia (PA), Lincoln (NEB), and Peoria (ILL). Father James Gould, vocation direct for Arlington Va., said, “ that their problem is that they don't have enough beds for all the priests that they are ordaining.” (about 23 in the past 2 years) The diocese of Lincoln with a population of just 84,000 Catholics has 45 seminarians. Compare that to unorthodox dioceses such as Milwaukee (Catholic pop. 680,000) and Los Angeles (Catholic pop. 3 million) and their seminaries are empty....

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Orthodoxy produces vocations. That's just a statistical matter of fact. Simultaneously, traditionalist Catholic seminaries have also seen a boom in recent decades. The SSPX and FSSP are such examples, having increased their numbers tenfold since 1988. Wherever progressive liberalism (i.e. "modernism") abounds, vocations die out. That is also a statistical matter of fact. (I suppose the good news in all of this is we can rest assured that clerical liberalism cannot adequately reproduce itself.) Still, because of the vast infiltration of clerical liberalism into the western world, a priestly shortage of epic proportions is about to follow. In the short term we can expect a dramatic appeal from the Catholic Church in the western world to the abundance of priestly vocations in the third world. Within less than ten years, the overwhelming majority of Catholic priests in the United States will be those who speak English as a second language. An increasingly large number of them will be African. (This may perhaps aid in the conversion of more black Americans to Catholicism.) Of course, we can expect a very large amount of Asian priests as well. Before long the United States will be viewed as a vast missionary diocese for Catholic clergy in the third world, and with them they will bring their conservative orthodoxy.

Meanwhile conservative and orthodox seminaries in the U.S. will continue to grow, as well as traditionalist seminaries. A growing number of young seminarians from all over the world have expressed interest in learning to celebrate both the Extraordinary Form (Tridentine) and Ordinary Form (Novus Ordo) liturgy. In addition to that, a growing number of young seminarians are interested in celebrating the Ordinary Form (Novus Ordo) in the ad orientem posture, according to the rubrics of the Extraordinary Form (Tridentine) and with portions of the mass in Latin.

The epic lesson of the last forty years is the utter failure of progressive liberalism ("modernism") in the Roman Catholic Church. In the United States, our seminaries have been gutted. We don't even have enough priests to replace the previous generation. Our chapels and parishes have been desecrated. We've lost our basic sense of identity, and the faithful don't even know to genuflect toward the tabernacle anymore. The growth of the Church has stagnated, and we are nearly 100% dependent on birthrate. The laity have become ignorant of their religion and fallen victim to the heresies of Protestantism, Sectarianism, Materialism and Relativism. The majority of Catholics in the United States no longer practice the full religion, and pride themselves on their self designation as "Cafeteria Catholics."  Catholicism has become more of a cultural identity than a religious practice.  The United States Catholic Church has produced the most militantly pro-abortion and pro-homosexual generation of politicians since the height of the ancient Roman Empire. Some of these politicians have openly declared war on the U.S. Catholic Church and have threatened her with anti-Catholic legislation. Our bishops are weak, our priests are indifferent and our laity is lost.

The good news; it's not over. In spite of the hardship progressive liberalism (i.e. "modernism") has brought unto Catholic Americans, and the western world, the third-world is about to come to the rescue. Conservative orthodoxy still thrives in some U.S. diocese, and we have a pope who is determined to reform this mess once and for all. Even more interesting is the number of young Catholics in the Church today, who are recognizing the errors of the last generation. Conservative Catholic youth now outnumber liberal Catholic youth in the United States almost two to one  (read more here).  The lesson of history is that traditionalism and orthodoxy within the Church always prevails in one way or another. The Roman Catholic brand of modernism is dying.