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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ACTION ALERT! This is not a drill - End of USA is Near - Catholics Must Prepare!

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: I'll remind my readers that 'The Catholic Knight' typically uses blog entries to debunk conspiracy theories and catastrophic predictions. There are only three catastrophic things 'The Catholic Knight' has been warning his readers about: (1) impending war to erupt in the middle east, threatening the possibility of worldwide conflict in the VERY near future, (2) the eminent financial collapse of the United States of America, and (3) the rise of the North American Union. Outside of these three catastrophes, and they are all catastrophes, 'The Catholic Knight' makes no further predictions. They will all happen soon, very soon, within the next few years. The final one, the rise of the North American Union, may (or may not) be complete within a few years, but it's rise to power will be very obvious for all to see. The North American Union will be presented as a solution to problems, with an appeal that is almost irresistible, but it's ascendancy will curtail civil liberties and dissolve what is left of Christian culture on the North American Continent.

We can do nothing to stop these catastrophes, only prepare for them, and when they are done, a new opportunity will arise for the Catholic Church in North America to fight the evil that will sweep this New World Order. It's only an opportunity though, not a guarantee. It will require cooperation by all the North American bishops, and fidelity to the Catholic faith on a level not seen in North America since the 1950s.

In the mean time however, we must prepare for the coming transition, and it will most likely happen very soon. The current flu pandemic may play a role in this, however the main thrust of America's problems will be more economic than anything else. Make no mistake about this. The coming economic catastrophe was not caused by the flu pandemic, nor was it caused by any particular presidential administration. Granted, these played their respective roles, but they were not the cause. The cause was 40+ years of reckless deficit spending by the United States federal government, coupled with over regulation in the financial sector (particularly in lending practices) that brought about the economic collapse of September 2008. What followed was the most reckless and naive attempt at solving the problem in all of world history, by simply doing nothing but throwing more money at the problem in the form of economic stimulus packages. These reckless stimulus packages were passed at the urging of both Republican (Bush) and Democratic (Obama) presidents. Both parties are to blame, not only for the initial problem of reckless deficit spending, but also the naive "solution" that only made the problem worse. The massive printing of US dollars, to pay for these stimulus spending packages will be the final nail in the economic coffin for the United States of America.

What is coming threatens to be bad - very bad. I don't suspect it will be universal, but large urban areas (such as the West Coast and New England) may suffer the most. It is imperative that US Catholics prepare for this. The same goes for Canadian and Mexican Catholics as well. Preparations should be at both the parish and personal level. It's important that Catholic individuals prepare for themselves, so that parish resources can be used to help the community at large and serve as a witness of mercy for the Catholic Christian faith. Parishes should stockpile on basic necessities, such as food, water and first-aid kits. It might not be a bad idea to stockpile on Catholic Gospel tracts too, such as the "Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth" from Catholic Answers in San Diego California. These can be acquired at minimal to no cost from the Knights of Columbus. The Knights should prepare to play a high-profile role in this too, as they will become the primary distribution and coordinating organization between parishes and diocese. Knights should also prepare for security duty as well, at stockpiled parishes, so as to prevent theft and arson. Knights already trained in security work should coordinate with their Grand Knight to begin training fellow brothers in the trade. Bishops and pastors should immediately be notified of the Knights preparedness in this area.

Individual Catholics will need to prepare by getting the following things...
  1. Have at least one month worth of non-perishable food items stored in your home.
  2. Have at least one week worth of clean drinking water stored in your home.
  3. Have at least $2,000 cash stored in a secure location in your home.
  4. If legal for you, have a basic firearm (22 cal riffle and/or 12 gauge shotgun) with ammunition in your home.  (ammo can be traded for necessities, so consider stockpiling)
  5. Invest in safe ways to heat and light your home at night WITHOUT electricity.  Consider cooking options without electricity as well.
  6. Network with Catholic friends and try to get them to do the same.
This impending crisis will not last forever.  Never underestimate a government's zeal to maintain control and power.  When the crisis passes, a new order will exist for the North American continent, and Catholics will be faced with new social challenges for a new world.  What's important is that we make it through the crisis into the new world, and we do it with style, helping our neighbors along the way.