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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Culture War Lost - Evangelicals Surrender - America Now A Post-Christian Nation

“The battles that we fought in the 80’s now. We were victorious in many of those conflicts with the culture trying to defend righteousness, trying to defend the unborn child, trying to preserve the dignity of the family, and the definition of marriage. We fought all those battles, and really it was a holding action.” (Remarks made by Dr. Dobson to his staff Feb. 27th, 2009 on the day of his retirement as Chairman of the Board of Focus on the Family)

These recent comments by Dr. Dobson created quite a stir among evangelicals and were picked up in the UK (see London daily Telegraph article Apr. 10th) prompting Tom Minnery, Senior Vice President to declare that Focus has not retreated from the culture wars, and will continue to fight. A podcast with Dobson’s statements can be found here.) The story of the comments broke Mar. 26th with an interview by radio talk show host Steve Deace of WHO radio in Des Moines, Iowa interviewing Tom Minnery about Dobson’s legacy.

Dobson said in his speech, “And now we are absolutely awash in evil and the battle is still to be waged, and we are right now in the most discouraging period of that long conflict. Humanly speaking we can say that we have lost all those battles.”

Dobson’s speech has since been removed from Focus’ website. On Tues Apr. 14th , Dobson backpedaled on Fox’s “Hannity” that the media had intentionally reported half of his statement.

Dobson said, “Humanly speaking, we can say that we have lost all those battles, but God is in control and we are not going to give up now, right?”

However, his voice, in my opinion, expressed the sadness of a defeated leader...

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: I guess we could have predicted this. The battle to save Western Civilization from the neopagan Secular Modernism has been lost for some time. America was the last bastion of the Christian West. For three decades Evangelicals circled the wagons around what remained of Christian America, only to lose it all in a final siege on everything sacred following the 9/11 catastrophe. The current generation on high school and college campuses today are truly post-Christian, the majority claiming no religious belief at all, with a growing number turning to the occult.  The rise of Islam on the North American continent seems inevitable now, as the world awaits the final death gasps of what was once a great Christian civilization.

The future of Christianity no longer lies in the industrialized Western world, but rather the third-world of developing and underdeveloped countries. Africa is Christianity's new home now, with large colonies existing in Asia as well. As for North America and Europe; these are the world's new mission fields.

Perhaps one reason why Evangelicals lost the culture war in America is because Catholics failed to join them in significant numbers. Together perhaps, these two mighty branches of the Christian faith might have taken on the neopagan huns for another couple decades, giving the third-world cavalry enough time to ride to the rescue. It didn't happen though. Catholics were too busy putting down Evangelicals, and Evangelicals were too busy trying to convert Catholics. The result was the loss of the Western World's last Christian outpost - America. Perhaps the moral to the story is this. The only reason why Secular Modernism was able to dominate the Western World was because Christianity was too busy picking at itself.