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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mexico Suffers Penalty of Legalized Abortion

Pro-Abortion activists dressed as Roman Catholic clergy celebrate outside of the City Legislature in Mexico City, Tuesday April 24, 2007.

FROM APRIL 25, 2007...
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: A sad day in North American history has come. Mexico City has returned to human sacrifice on par with the ancient Aztec civilization. The only difference is the deity worshipped. Like the United States government, the Mexico City government now offers human sacrifices to the gods of convenience, lust and wealth. We have all seen the result of America's cruel national idolatry. God has punished the United States with wars and terrorism. It would seem that so long as America's unborn remain unsafe, none of us can be assured of our safety -- yours truly included. Canada believes it has escaped this type of judgement, and perhaps it has so far, but like Europe the Canadian population is dwindling, and the government has no choice but to import immigrants (many from the Islamic world) to fill the nation's growing social welfare gap. So like Europe, the Canada we once knew is disappearing. Now that Mexico City has fallen to the gods of modern paganism, the only question that remains is how God will deal with Mexico City's crime against humanity. God's judgment is now certain, how He will exact it remains a mystery -- for now.

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: And now we have this story from yesterday...
( -- The capital of Mexico is under international scrutiny after the deaths or hospitalizations of thousands of people from the swine flu virus. Ironically, the outbreak comes exactly two years after officials in the Mexico City legislature approved a law allowing legal abortions.

The legislative assembly, in April 2007, approved a bill that legalized abortion within the first 14 weeks of pregnancy.

While legal abortions in very limited cases such as rape and incest occur in various parts of the country, Mexico largely prohibits abortions.

While residents of the massive capital city are dying from the swine flu, the Archdiocese of Mexico City’s weekly newspaper, Desde la Fe, said the deaths of people from abortion are also "disastrous."

The paper cited more than 23,000 abortions that have been done since legalization and notes that at least 14 women have died from legal abortions in just two years.

The newspaper's editorial warns that the “immoral, unjust and intrinsically perverse” legal abortion law is disrupting “the consciences of all those involved,” and making it so the next generation of Mexicans see killing unborn children as a normal part of society...

read full story here
Draw whatever conclusions you will. One thing is certain, any protection Mexico once had from divine judgement is now gone. But woe to America, who's judgement is coming and will be much worse.