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Thursday, April 16, 2009

So Begins The Breakup Of The USA

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Fast forward the above video to about 2:40 into the stream. There you will hear about what's going on in Texas. For the first time in nearly 150 years, Texas is close to seceding from the United States of America and becoming it's own country again. Right now the movement is more one of sentiment, but it's strong enough that the governor recognized it yesterday as a viable option that is on the table.

Now we all know what happened the last time states started seceding from the federal Union, but there are some significant differences this time. The most important of those being that this is not 1861. Slavery no longer exists in America, and institutionalized segregation is just a memory from the last generation. While the Left-Wing Obama robots would love to paint modern day secessionists as nothing more than neo-Nazi white supremacists, there is nothing racist about this movement. It is totally political, and based on the concept of the right to self governance. What we have going on in Texas right now is a movement similar to what went on in Poland during the 1980s, or the Ukraine during the 1990s. It can be compared to the struggle of Taiwan against Communist China. Granted, the Texas independence movement hasn't gone nearly as far as these other movements - yet - but the point I'm making here is that this is an entirely different scenario from the conditions that led to the American Civil War.

The United States government has spend the entire 20th century propping up and supporting secession movements all over the world, especially as they relate to states seeking freedom from communist regimes. Uncle Sam can deride this movement all it wants, but if it does anything to put it down by force this time, Washington DC will be known only as the world biggest hypocrite. Furthermore, any attempt to forcefully put down any state sovereignty movement throughout this Union, will only solidify the anti-Washington sentiments of the people, and harden secessionist resolve. In other words, the only way for the Union to preserve itself is to do so with a loose grip, reigning in big-government and allowing as much states rights as possible. The more the fed tightens it's grip, the more states will slip through its fingers.

Who knows what will become of the Texas independence movement. Perhaps this will all blow over in a few years, and become a distant memory. Maybe the tea parties will effect the change they seek in the 2010 and 2012 elections, altering the course of American history, and putting all this behind us. Or maybe not. Maybe the tea parties will fail, and Washington DC will continue to grow in power, subjecting the states to it's every whim. What will become of the Texas independence movement then? I suspect it will be joined by other independence movements from other states, and they will move from mere sentiment to something a little more serious. Perhaps these tea parties mark the beginning of the end for the UNITED States of America, and what we are now seeing are the early stages of the Balkanization of the USA. It wasn't but six months ago that a Russian scholar predicted the eventual breakup of the United States. Was he right? Only God knows.