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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Are Tea Party Demonstrations Racist?

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: So the latest mantra of the Leftist Liberal Obamaniacs is that the recent tea party demonstrations popping up around the country are essentially racist. Their rational behind this conclusion is that tea party protesters complain about the national debt, but the national debt was run up under previous presidents, therefore the only reason why tea party protesters are really protesting is because this current president happens to be black.

Now I happen to be a tea party demonstrator. I go to every one that is near where I live. I go there to protest massive federal spending, and the massive growth of big government, as well as to support the Fair Tax model of tax reform. That's about it. I don't particularly care for President Obama, but he's not the reason why I show up. The truth is, if John McCain had been elected, and these stimulus plans were enacted under his administration, I would still be protesting at the tea parties. You see it's the POLICY I oppose, not the man who makes it, and Obama's policies are reckless. Take a look at this video to see the whole thing explained in simple terms that anyone (even a Leftist Liberal Obamaniac) can understand...

Oh and in case you still think it's all about racism. I supported Alan Keyes candidacy for president for as long as I could in 2008. Just an FYI, Alan Keyes is black. I hope he runs again in 2012 as an Independent, because if he does, I think he'll win, based on the chaotic political climate that will take us into the 2012 election. The American people are not going to tolerate the Republicans and Democrats much longer. I expect the possibility of a victory for a third-party candidate, and nobody can take on Barack Obama better than Alan Keyes. He's already done it before, and I'm sure he'll have no problem doing it again.

Oh and one last thing. Since I do attend Tea Parties, I have seen people of various ethnicity there, so it's not just an "all white" event as some Liberal Leftists would have you believe. One regular Tea Party devotee is a good buddy of mine who happens to be of Hispanic ethnicity. Now just for kicks and grins, here's a short video of a keynote speaker at the Sacramental Tea Party last April. Yep, I suppose this is the Liberal Leftist idea of an all white racist event...