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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Christianity Now Imploding - Islam To Conquer World By 2050

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The clash of civilizations is as good as over. The winner? ISLAM! Yes, that's right, as a practicing Roman Catholic, defender of the Church and Christendom, I must admit that Islam has won. It won before the clash of civilizations ever really started. It won long before 9/11/2001. It won not by making war, but simply by making babies. Christianity lost, not because of Christianity, but because Christians gave up their Christianity, and exchanged it for the seductive Secularism that swept Western Europe and North America after World War II. Christians in effect ceased to be Christians in the classic sense. They exchanged the Christian understanding of love and family for a secular one, and as a result embraced the culture of contraception and limited families. Christians ceased having babies at a sustainable rate, and Muslims did not. It's official now. Islam WILL ABSOLUTELY, and WITHOUT A DOUBT, completely conquer the whole western industrialized world by 2050. The children born today will not only live to see it, but they will be part of it, and there is a very good chance they themselves will be forced by popular culture to accept the religion of Islam as their own...

It's over people. Done. Finished. Kaput! Both history and demographics are now working against us. WESTERN CIVILIZATION CANNOT BE SAVED! The post World War II experiment in liberal Secular Humanism was a complete and total disaster, an utter failure, that has resulted in the complete loss of our entire civilization. There is no turning back now. We can no longer hope to change the tide of history. Within less than half a century Europe will be almost entirely Islamic, and there is a good chance that most of Europe's great cathedrals will become mosques. Perhaps someday even Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome will be converted into a mosque, much like the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.

So what to do now? How do we circle the wagons to save what little we have left, and hopefully rebuild for another time, another century, when Christians can begin reversing this trend?

Europe is lost. The only hope for Christians there is 100% Evangelism, and outside of that there is no hope. Secularists in Europe are going to have to finally wake up and smell the coffee for once. They're going to have awake from their long slumber and finally come to the startling realization that the only thing standing between them and Islamic Shariah Law is a healthy and robust Christianity. So they're going to have to start cutting Christians some slack, recognize the wonderful contributions they've made to European history, and do what they can to promote Christian Evangelism, whether they believe in it or not. The European Secularists must do this NOW, or they will soon find themselves living in subjection to the Muslim crescent moon. Personally, I'm not about to hold my breath for the European Secularists. They're just as blind as they are stupid. They'll be content to learn the hard way, long after it's too late to do anything about it. So Europe is lost for the long term future. Get your tourism in now, before it's too late. Maybe in a couple hundred years the continent will grow weary of prayer rugs and burkahs. Maybe by then they'll be willing to return to their Christian roots. Then again, maybe not. Who knows what the long term future holds for the once Christian continent. The short term future is certain though. Europe WILL BE Muslim.

The future of western civilization lies squarely in the Americas, with South America becoming the new West's incubator, and North America becoming the cultural battleground of the 21st century. Canada is quickly becoming Muslim, and may already be too late to salvage from it's suicide birthrate. Though Mexico has been heavily infected by liberal Secularism, it's rural culture remains strong in traditional Catholic Christian values. The United States is a divided land, filled with many different Protestant denominations and a growing Muslim population. In fact, the ONE AND ONLY thing keeping the USA from going completely Islamic (like Canada and Europe) is America's growing Catholic Hispanic population coming up from Mexico, some of them legal and some of them illegal. In a bizarre twist of fate, 'The Catholic Knight,' this conservative defender of the American southern border is forced to admit he was wrong, and the very people he once wanted to stop from getting into the United States illegally, may very well hold the keys to the survival of Christianity in the United States and North America. The USA is the new battleground in this clash of civilizations between the Islamic East and the Christian West. So in the interest of long term plans, 'The Catholic Knight' proposes the following strategy for stopping Islamic advance into North America, Central America and South America. This is in the hope of not only stopping it, but also creating an incubator for the New Christendom which might emerge in the early 22nd century if we play our cards right now. Here's the plan...
  1. Open the southern border with Mexico completely. Allow free flow migration between the United States and Mexico, and create the necessary documentation for such migration to be done in a monitored fashion, intercepting possible terrorist threats and drug traffic. (This is because Hispanic immigration and birthrate is the only thing saving America from going the way of Canada and Europe right now!)
  2. All Christian married couples should avoid artificial birth control at all cost, even if it means having to accept food stamps and health care from the government due to a large family. Christians must be willing to raise large families for the sake of our future and our freedom. Without Christian babies, Islam will take over. That is an established fact. Remember, prior to 1930, every Christian denomination taught that artificial contraception was a sin against nature and God. We must return to this ecumenical consensus.
  3. Once we have established a thriving Christian culture in South America, Central America, and what remains of North America, along with laws that recognize and codify the Christian role in society (i.e. the New Christendom), we can begin our large scale evangelistic outreaches to Canada, Europe and the Middle East.