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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Congressional Democrats Move To Protect Pedophiles Making Them A "Protected Class"

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Only a FASCIST organization like the Democratic Party could dream up such a thing...
(WND) - In its first day, hundreds of Americans have taken advantage of a unique campaign to sound off in opposition to new hate-crimes legislation on the fast track of the U.S. Senate by overnighting letters to individual senators at a significantly reduced price.

As WND first reported, the bill stirring opposition from coast to coast, opponents say, would, for the first time, make pedophiles a protected class of victim.

Janet Porter, WND columnist and president of Faith2Action, organized the effort to utilize reduced rates for individual letters delivered by Fed Ex to individual senators in bulk quantities. Overnight letters not only have more impact, but can be assured of delivery in time to impact pending legislation...

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