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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Notre Dame Is No Longer Catholic

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: This historic image was captured just as Notre Dame forfeited it's title as a Catholic university. Is it a sad day for Catholic higher education? Yes, but not a surprising one. This is the product of 30+ years of poor leadership in the U.S. Catholic Church. It is poor leadership at the diocean level, that leads to poor leadership at the level of Catholic organizatons and schools. This isn't the first time Notre Dame, and other Catholic universities, have engaged in activities that specifically attack the Catholic Christian faith. Notre Dame in particular has a long history of this. Today, Notre Dame lost it's title as a Catholic university. It may take some time for that to become official. It may never be official, but in the hearts and minds of faithful pro-life Catholics, it has already happened. When it comes time for my children to apply to Catholic colleges, they will not bother with the anti-Catholic university of Notre Dame. Why would I ever send my kids to a supposed "Catholic" university that does this to Catholic priests, merely for leading people in prayer of the Rosary on a supposedly "Catholic" campus? I dare say these priests would have received better treatment on the campus of a Secular university....