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Friday, May 22, 2009

On The Destruction Of Israel & America

(WND) - The 20th century could well be called the century of Holocaust. I think it had something to do with the powerful assertion of godless self-sufficiency that characterized its most deadly and infamous ideologies. The communists, the fascists, the Nazis all have this in common: that they fancy themselves creators of new worlds of human possibility, willing servants of a fantasy in which the future, wrought by human hands, will advance beyond God's limited vision of human nature to birth before the universe the superman, the everlasting Reich, the workers' paradise, the endlessly perfected revolution of hope, change and unimpeded progress. Obtusely brushing aside the intrinsic contradiction between unlimited being and the objective possibilities of existence, these fantasies of human pridefulness have ended, all of them, in murderous nightmares. They expanded the possibilities of humanity all right, but only to the extent of adding hitherto unimagined horrors.

As they are part of a people who, on account of their very existence as a people, experienced the full brunt of this murderous pride, it has always seemed incongruous to me that so many Jewish poets (using that word in its broadest sense to include all manner of creative artists) and intellectuals seem at ease with the utopian delusions of the left. According to the biblical account, the will to assimilate our own destruction is one of the principles of our nature, one of the reasons we are as we are. Just as Eve reached for the deadly fruit, so we are inclined to surrender to the siren song of future godhood that distracts us from the voice and presence of God within. Because, in a sense beyond our rational understanding, we are already what we seek to become; the urge to realize our freedom in action makes it harder for us to accept our freedom in fact. Though time and again we experience, or inflict upon others, the mortal consequences of our vain ambition, we will not let go of it.

In this sense, sincere Christian belief admonishes the pride of every non-Jewish people, for whom it represents the truth that they are not the people chosen by God to be the earthly forbears of the Son of Man. But just as it challenges their pride, so it challenges the humility of the Jews. In their different ways both Jews and non-Jews are forced to confront the responsibility it implies. But inasmuch as it is easier to accept a recognized boundary than to constitute and accept it, the Jewish responsibility may be an obligation harder to understand or to forgive. Why did God choose them to epitomize the sacrifice He makes of Himself for the sake of our existence? Why would it be for them to bear the wounds He takes upon Himself so that all may be made whole?...

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