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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our Lady of America

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Our Lady of America is a locally APPROVED devotion that is very much applicable to the crisis our nation now finds itself in. My Catholic brothers and sisters, America is about to undergo a tremendous purging, unlike anything we've ever seen before. The United States will soon be humbled. Our Lady revealed to Sister Mary Ephrem that she wants Americans to lead the way toward renewal of the Catholic Christian faith, both in the Americas and throughout the world. This is the mission of our generation. This is our task. This is the reason why our generation was born. We must fulfill our purpose!

During our lifetime we have witnessed the decline and fall of the Catholic Church in America. We have seen the failures of Vatican II in the vain and fruitless ways the reforms were implemented in our land. The Holy Father, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, calls us back to Tradition, to restore the ancient practices of the Church and thus renew her liturgical life. He also calls us to personal holiness and to propagate the Catholic Christian faith. His message is identical to that of Our Lady of America.

America will soon be humbled. Our economic might will soon be crushed. Our political and military clout will soon be diminished. In all of this we must repent of our sins, and look to the message of Our Lady of America for renewal. You can read those messages for yourself here as PDF documents.

The United States does serve a purpose in this world, but we have strayed far from our mission. Our Lady of America calls us back to it. Will you listen to her? Will you heed her warnings? Will you accept her advice? You can. We all can, and America can be renewed because of it. We can be given a purpose again. The United States of America does not, and cannot, find it's purpose in materialism, political clout and military might. Our purpose is in Christ. Our meaning is in his gospel. Our identity is in Our Lady of America. Without these things we are lost. For sixty years Americans have been intoxicated with success, wealth and power, far greater than any nation in the history of the world. Those days are soon to be over, and America will be humbled.

In the midst of this economic, political and social catastrophe, which will soon affect the whole world, there is hope. We can be renewed. We can find meaning and purpose once again. This time not in wealth, not in politics nor in power. This time we can find wealth in the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ and the indwelling Holy Trinity, our faith, our families and our mission of evangelism. Our Lady of America will show us the way, if we will only listen to her. Will you?

“The only authentic source of information about Our Lady of America or the writings of Sister Mildred Neuzil come from Our Lady of the Nativity Convent and the Our Lady of America Center in Fostoria, Ohio.  No other internet website or group has the legal or moral authority to disseminate information or promote devotion.
“It was the wish of Sister Mildred and Archbishop Leibold that we at the Our Lady of America Center in Fostoria be entrusted with care of these messages so that authenticity could be maintained and guarded.  Any other promotional sources offend the guidance of Archbishop Leibold.” 
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