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Monday, June 29, 2009

Traditional Catholicism Restored To The Ozark Mountians

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: In a world were there is so much bad news, it's nice to see something positive once in a while. Pope Benedict XVI's "reform of the reform" has hit the Ozark Mountains of the central Midwestern states. In this northwest corner of the Bible Belt, and upper hills region of Dixie, lies one of the most socially conservative regions of the entire United States. It is a low mountain range stretching from the Mississippi River in Missouri, down into the upper regions of Arkansas and reaching into the eastern portion of Oklahoma. Settled primarily by German immigrants during the last two centuries, the Ozark mountains offer a unique blend of Catholic, Lutheran, Mennonite, Amish, Baptist and Pentecostal culture. While the return of traditional Catholicism was delayed to the Ozarks for decades, under the reign of our current pope, and the pastoral care of newly appointed bishops, the Ozarks are now witnessing a complete revival of traditional Catholicism.

Springfield Missouri, often referred to as the "Queen City of the Ozarks" now provides both Sunday and weekday Latin mass at St. Agnes Cathedral. Weekday masses are low, and Sunday masses are high, with Gregorian chant and traditional hymns. Weekly Latin masses are also provided in Missouri at Queen of All Saints Chapel in Springfield, Holy Trinity Church in Marshfield, St. Williams Church in Buffalo, St. Anthony Chapel in Jefferson City, St. Ann Parish in Carthage, Assumption Parish in New Haven, and St. Martin Church in Starkenburg. In Arkansas weekly masses are provided at St. Michael Church in Cherokee Village and St. Peter Fisherman Church in Mountain Home. The Ozarks are now the home of Our Lady of the Annunciation Monastary of Clear Creek in Hulbert Oklahoma, which offers both Sunday and weekday Latin masses, as well as the Divine Office chanted in Latin daily.

So here is a call to all Traditional Catholics in the United States. Traditional Catholicism is blossoming in the Ozark Mountains. This area is socially conservative and has a relatively good and stable economy in comparison to the rest of the United States. Springfield Missouri still has plenty of jobs, and the area is somewhat economically independent from the rest of the country. While businesses nationwide are downsizing, many area businesses in the Ozarks are expanding. This is especially true for Springfield Missouri, and the surrounding areas of Republic, Nixa and Ozark. Springfield also has a good financial assistance program for Catholic schools and the state of Missouri is one of the most homeschool friendly states in the entire nation. Parents have more rights in Missouri then almost anywhere else on the globe. If your a traditional Catholic, looking to relocate to a good place to raise children and find work, the Ozark Mountains just might be the place for you. Give it some thought and prayer.