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Friday, July 3, 2009

Dan Brown Is A BIGOT

- Exodus 20:16

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Novelist Dan Brown, author of the "The Da Vinci Code," is at it again. I know I know. It's just fiction. True. Dan Brown is a novelist, and he claims his books are fiction, but he also claims they're based on facts. The only problem is he never bothers to distinguish exactly what is fact and what is fiction. Because the subject matter just happens to deal with the inner workings of the Catholic Church, and the stories he writes happen to be so dark and sinister, a little clarification would be nice. The problem is that most people are intensely ignorant of Catholicism, especially in America which has a long anti-Catholic cultural history. Brown claims to be a Christian, but based on the kind of novels he's written so far, one must ask if he's the kind of "Christian" that subscribes to the anti-Catholic cartoon tracts of Jack T. Chick. If indeed Brown really is a Christian, then surely he must be familiar with Exodus 20:16 in which God commands "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor." That's what his "Da Vinci Code" novel became - a 489 page false witness against the Catholic Church. Hey Dan! It's gone way beyond fiction now. People are starting to believe the stuff you right. You can't keep doing this and not expect to be labeled an anti-Catholic. Of course comments such as these just seem to verify it...
(Huffington Post) - "The depth of Catholic cruelty and conspiracy has not yet been plumbed" Brown said, in a 'written' statement delivered to USA Today's "USA Weekend" magazine, an outlet Brown considers a perfect venue to reach his readership . "If you think that The DaVinci Code was revealing, wait until you see what I have no doubt I will manage to uncover for my new book, tentatively titled Get Thee Away From a Nunnery."...

..."Brides of Christ," Brown added, eyebrow raised, "or brides of small animals, routinely subjecting said vermin, themselves, and anyone else foolish enough to come into their 'folds,' to sexually ritualized sadomasochistic torture techniques, capable even of killing to protect their deep, deep blood secrets?" Nodding slowly, he added "I just lay out the 'facts' as I see fit to interpret them. You can judge for yourself."...

read full story here
You're an anti-Catholic Dan, admit it! Or else do something to clarify the fictional nature of your novels in an unequivocal way, just to make sure NOBODY takes your novels seriously anymore. A mere statement on the cover fold won't cut it. It's time to do some damage control if you don't want to go down in history as a 21st century anti-Catholic hate monger. As it currently stands, it seems you want people to think that some (or most) of your fiction is true. It seems you want people to believe what is clearly false - a lie - which you say you fashion for strictly "entertainment" purposes. This is somebody's religion you're toying with here. Over a billion people identify with the Catholic Church. Those tens of millions who live in America are constantly bombarded with ridiculous questions about our faith because of your novel "The Da Vinci Code." Worse yet, your novels have ramped up the activities and rhetoric of real anti-Catholics who make a living off bashing the Catholic Church.

So how does it feel to write a 489 page Chick Track? Because as far as I'm concerned, that's exactly what your books are.

If you've never seen lies, false witness and anti-Catholic bigotry, then obviously you don't know Jack Chick! -

Here's a great little exercise for you Dan. Take the electronic transcript of your "Da Vinci Code" novel and start changing some things around. First, instead of Catholicism, change it to Judaism. Then instead of the Catholic Church, change it to the (Jewish) Orthodox Union. Then instead of a crazed monk character chasing the protagonists around, change it to a crazed rabbi from an obscure yeshiva. Go ahead and release this revised version of the "Da Vinci Code" under a new title, and let me know how that works out for you!