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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

False Witness - Roman Catholic Church

"Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour."
- Exodus 20:16

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The title of this entry may raise a few eyebrows, and I apologize for that. The purpose of this entry is to point out that SOME "Christians" (especially some of those of the Evangelical / Fundamentalist persuasion) are regularly in the habit of bearing false witness against their fellow Christians in the Catholic Church. This sin is generally one of ignorance, but sometimes it is accompanied by malicious intent. It's a very unchristian behavior pattern, and says allot about the immature and hypocritical nature of their spiritual development. YOU CAN'T BE A GOOD CHRISTIAN WHEN YOU'RE BEARING FALSE WITNESS AGAINST YOUR OWN CHRISTIAN NEIGHBORS!

Now to be sure, there are plenty of legitimate matters for Catholics and Protestants to disagree on, but all too often Catholics find themselves the victims of rumors and accusations that are simply not true at all. They are gross distortions of Catholic beliefs and practices. Those who spread these things are LIARS, and 'The Catholic Knight' hereby calls them out on it. That's right, I said LIARS - those who intentionally bear false witness. A good number of them have ulterior motives. Many of them are trying to sell books, magazines, or pamphlets. Some of them are trying to promote a "ministry" of some type, and are soliciting donations. Some of them make a living by GETTING PAID to visit churches and "educate" congregations about the supposed "evils" of Catholicism.

If you're an Evangelical, Pentecostal, Fundamentalist, Baptist or Nondenominational Christian who has bought a book, DVD, or has been given a seminar or sermon on the so-called "evils" of the "Roman Catholic Religious System," let me warn you that you have been had. You've been suckered! You've been hooked and reeled in to a "ministry" that is using you to make money at the expense of your fellow Christians, for the purpose of intentionally dividing the Body of Christ, so as to hinder it's witness in the modern world. Many of these so-called "ministries" are aligned with Freemasons and/or Secular Left Wing organizations. Some have even used known Communist propaganda as "important information" for their books and seminars. One good example of this is the so called "alliance" between the World War II Pope Pius XII and Adolph Hitler in an alleged Holocaust conspiracy. The former Soviet KGB has already admitted that this was pure propaganda and totally false. It was spread by the KGB throughout western Europe and the United States using willing accomplices among Secular Liberals in the media and college universities. It was designed to undermine the moral authority of the Catholic Church in the western world, with the intent on preparing western society for a Soviet takeover at some future date. Unfortunately for the Soviets, their empire collapsed in the early 1990s, and that "future date" never came. However, their propaganda, having already taken root in the western world, remained and flourished. This Soviet propaganda was gleefully picked up and spread by many Evangelical, Fundamentalist, Pentecostal, Baptist and Nondenominational churches. Likewise it was capitalized upon by those seeking to make money. To this very day one can easily find peddlers of this propaganda on the Internet, writing books and making the lecture rounds at Protestant churches all across America.

So are you tired of being suckered? Are you tired of giving your hard earned dollars to "ministries" that slander your fellow Christians and divide the Body of Christ?

Read on...

The Catholic Knight' weblog provides this information to you free of charge. I have nothing to gain from this. You will not spend a penny on anything you read here. My interest is in getting the truth out, and helping the Body of Christ heal from the scandalous propaganda that has contributed to the division of Christianity for the last 500 years.

In recent days you may have heard Internet rumors about the pope advocating a one-world government, or the Vatican attempting to force Sunday worship upon everybody. Maybe you've heard that Catholics worship Mary, or that they believe salvation comes through works. Perhaps you've heard that Catholics are into legalism, or that Catholics take secret oaths of some kind. Let me assure you that all of this is false. It's untrue, a complete fabrication, and those who promote this are money grubbing LIARS!

There are so many lies about the Catholic Church, that if one were to just believe a few of them, one would quickly discover that they frequently contradict each other. For example; some say Catholics worship Mary, but then they say Catholics worship the pope, then they say Catholics worship statues and saints. So which is it? The First Commandment (taught in every Catholic church) specifically says we may only worship one God. So if we worship Mary, how can we worship the pope, and if we worship the pope, how can we worship statues and saints. There can only be one God. Yet the Catholic Church specifically teaches that none of these things are gods at all, and none of them are to be worshiped. There is only one God, and that is the Lord Yahweh, who is Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I could go on and on about the many self-contradictions found in anti-Catholic propaganda, but I think it's more important to get at the truth.

Below is a list of links concerning Catholic beliefs and practices. Each one cites Biblical and historical reasons for why Catholics do this. What we have here is a catalog of the TRUTH. This is what Catholics actually believe and practice. No spin, no lies, and no propaganda. The information is provided by John Salza free of charge to all interested seekers of true and accurate information. Non-Catholics may still have issues they disagree with, and that's fine. But at least those areas of disagreement will be based on accurate information, not anti-Catholic propaganda....

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