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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

BREAKING: U.S. Catholic Bishops and Knights of Columbus Issue Ultimatum - Will Oppose Healthcare Reform Bill If It Includes Abortion or Euthanasia

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The U.S. Catholic Bishops and the Knights of Columbus have effectively issued an ultimatum to the United States Congress and President Barack Obama. IF the healthcare reform bill is structured in such a way that moves America toward taxpayer funded abortions and/or euthanasia, the bishops and knights will use every resource at their disposal to defeat the bill in Congress and make sure it is never signed into law.

The current legislation before Congress does just that. It leads toward providing taxpayer funded abortions, and moves elderly care toward a system of taxpayer funded euthanasia. In addition it implies rationing of healthcare benefits as well as a bureaucratic panel that will determine the "value" of human lives, and what level of healthcare they will be entitled to.

If the legislation is not radically changed in the upcoming congressional session, it will most certainly be opposed by the Knights of Columbus and the U.S. Catholic Bishops. The full weight of the U.S. Catholic Church will come down against it. I think it's fair to assume the Southern Baptist Convention, as well as many other Christian bodies, will join the Catholic Church in this crusade.

This is a clear shot across the bow of the United States Congress. "Reform the Healthcare Reform Bill -- OR ELSE! "
( - The Knights of Columbus passed a number of resolutions touching on right-to-life issues, marriage, violence and pornography, among others, during the final business session of the fraternal organization's 127th supreme convention.

The session -- closed to nondelegates -- rounded out the Aug. 4-6 convention, which drew thousands of Knights from across the globe to Phoenix.

The life resolution cited a personal appeal from Pope Benedict XVI calling on the Knights to "defend the moral truths necessary for a free and humane society, including the fundamental right to life of every human being."

It expressed grave concerns that proposed health care legislation in Congress would "accomplish by stealth many of the aims of the so-called Freedom of Choice Act, including federal funding of abortions for the first time since adoption of the Hyde amendment in 1976....

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(CNA) - Promoting human dignity has also been the impetus behind the U.S. bishops’ push for national health care reform "for the past several decades," Chaput said. "It’s also why the Church, in principle, supports current efforts to craft legislation that would ensure basic health care coverage for all Americans."

That being said, the Archbishop of Denver cautioned that "God, or the devil, is always in the details. As Scripture says, ‘You will know them by their fruits.’"

"The test of White House and congressional honesty about seeking ‘common ground’ will be the details of the health care plan being worked on this summer and fall," he wrote, saying that any plan that involves mandated abortion access or abortion funding would contradict the meaning of health care.

"The reason is obvious. Killing or funding the killing of unborn children has nothing to do with promoting human health, and including these things in any ‘health care’ proposal, no matter how shrewdly hidden, would simply be a form of lying," Chaput charged.

Noting that both Bishop William Murphy and Cardinal Justin Rigali have already voiced strong concerns about "a possible stealth mandate for abortion" being placed in the reform bills, Archbishop Chaput dismissed a "compromise" solution put forward by Rep. Lois Capps as a "shell game....

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