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Monday, August 17, 2009

Vatican Reveals Explosive News! - USA and WWII Allies Suppressed Holocaust Information

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Investigations into the secret archives of the Vatican have recently exonerated the World War II Pope Pius XII from any cooperation with the Nazi regime, and failure to act in defense of Jews during the Holocaust. Quite the opposite has turned out to be the case. The secret archives were opened in recent years due to increasing rumors, mainly circulated by media within the United States, that Pope Pius XII was complicit during the Holocaust by failing to do enough to help the Jews. The archives revealed the names of nearly one-million Jews saved from the Holocaust by the wartime pontiff who effectively orchestrated an "underground railroad" of sorts, to shelter Jews in convents, churches and monasteries, while moving them out of Nazi occupied territories. The Vatican city-state itself was instrumental in issuing false identification cards and passports for this very purpose. As more evidence is uncovered, it increasingly appears the wartime pope spared no expense, and stopped at no extreme, to rescue persecuted Jews from the racist eugenics program of the Third Reich.

The rumor against Pope Pius XII was started by the Soviet Union shortly after his death. Former high ranking KGB officials have revealed that the smear campaign was called "Seat 12," and designed explicitly for the purpose of undermining the Catholic Church's moral authority in the western world in preparation for an eventual communist takeover. That takeover never came, as the Soviet Union collapsed in the early 1990s, along with communism in Eastern Europe. While the need for the propaganda ceased, it continued to flourish however in the American media, both entertainment and news media, due to the deep anti-Catholic sentiments ingrained in American culture. The lie was perpetuated by everyone from authors to playwrights, newspapers to television news anchors, college professors to fundamentalist ministers. "Seat 12" was a huge success in the United States, and continues to be to this day, long after it's KGB architects have retired!

Now with the truth having been laid bear for all the world to see, Pope Pius XII turns out to be a hero, while new information surfaces about the role of the United States and allied powers in regards to the Holocaust. Please keep in mind while reading the following story that Hitler's Germany wasn't the only nation engaged in eugenics. During the early 1900s, the United States also had eugenics programs. Granted, none of them were as extreme as the German model, but nevertheless America was into forcibly sterilizing people with physical and mental abnormalities. Perhaps the reason why the allies sat quietly on early news of the Holocaust is because it struck a little too close to home. Perhaps it showed them what the final result of eugenics was. Perhaps Roosevelt and Churchill knew that the only thing standing between America's version of eugenics, and the Holocaust, was the democratic election of a madman who actually believed everything he ever said and wrote on the topic. Perhaps the leaders of the free world knew that Hitler was just ahead of his time, and if eugenics were allowed to continue in the allied world, we would all eventually follow his example. Of course, this is just speculation. Who knows what was really going through the heads of our allied leaders when they learned of the Holocaust. We don't know. We can never know. What we do know however is this. The allies knew what the Nazis were doing to European Jewry as early as 1942, and yet they did nothing to stop it, nor even speak out against it...
(JTA) -- The United States and British governments suppressed information about the extent of the Holocaust, the Vatican's official newspaper charged.

The newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, also slammed Allied governments in World War II for deliberately failing to act to stop the systematic killing of Europe's Jews despite having detailed information about the Nazi plans to exterminate European Jewry, according to a lengthy article published Aug. 13.

The article quoted a 1948 essay published in the Italian Jewish journal Rassegna Mensile d'Israel that was based on the diary of Henry Morgenthau Jr., the U.S. treasury secretary during the war.

Morgenthau wrote, according to the article, that "the incapacity, indolence and bureaucratic delays of America impeded saving thousands of Hitler's victims." He also wrote that the British foreign minister "was more concerned about politics than of human charity."

Morgenthau was quoted as writing that "we in Washington" knew that the Nazis "had planned to exterminate all the Jews of Europe" since August 1942, but added, "for about 18 months from receiving the first reports of this horrible Nazi plan, the State Department did practically nothing." Instead, Morgenthau wrote, its officials "dodged their grim responsibility, procrastinated when concrete rescue schemes were placed before them, and even suppressed information about atrocities."

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