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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


(Catholic Online) - What is called the “Nelson-Hatch-Casey Amendment” to the Senate Health Care Reform Bill was defeated Tuesday by a vote of 54 to 45. The Senate voted to table it, effectively ending the effort. If passed, it would have protected against the coerced use of taxpayer dollars to fund abortion. It was similar to the Pro-Life “Stupak Amendment” which was included in the House Version of the Health Reform Bill...

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(USCCB) - Cardinal George concluded: “While we deplore the Senate’s refusal to adopt the Nelson-Hatch-Casey amendment, we remain hopeful that the protections overwhelmingly passed by the House will be incorporated into needed reform legislation. Failure to exclude abortion funding will turn allies into adversaries and require us and others to oppose this bill because it abandons both principle and precedent.”...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The U.S. Senate has just sealed the fate of the healthcare reform bill by refusing to attach pro-life protections to the legislation. As a result, the U.S. Catholic Bishops now have no choice but to oppose this legislation outright if some king of pro-life protection is not put back into the bill. This is the doing of the United States Senate. They brought the demise of healthcare reform upon themselves with their crazed pro-abortion zeal.

It is now the DUTY of every Catholic in the United States to call their U.S. Senators and tell them to vote AGAINST the healthcare reform bill. Failure to do this is to indicrectly cooperate with procuring abortions! Furthermore, it is now the duty of every U.S. Catholic bishop to formerly excommunicate every Catholic Senator who votes in favor of this legislation. Failure to do this is to neglect their duties as bishops and effectively a cooperation with procuring abortions.

We are now in crunch time! This is it! The faith and morality of every Catholic is tested, and there is no reason to believe that God himself is not keeping score. GOD IS WATCHING YOU. Will you live up to your Catholic faith today? Contact your U.S. Senator by clicking here, and forward this message to every Catholic you know.