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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christians Persecuted In Holy Land By Muslims And Jews

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: This Christmas pray for our Catholic brethren in the Holy Land, the REAL victims of all the violence in the middle east. Yes, I said it. The REAL victims. Yes, there are Muslim victims, and yes, there are Jewish victims, but both parties are in perpetual war with each other, each committing their own atrocities. What of the Christians however, the forgotten victims of the middle east. How many atrocities did they commit this year? Answer = zero. When was the last time you heard of a Palestinian Christian blowing himself up in a crowded marketplace, or an Israeli Christian authorizing the demolition of a residential neighborhood? Answer = never. Yet Christians suffer at the hands of both Muslims and Jews in the Holy Land, for no other reason than just existing...
(AsiaNews) – A further outrage was committed last night against the Franciscan church adjoining the Cenacle on Mount Zion, next to the Room of the Last Supper (pictured, Benedict XVI’s visit in May 2009).

Obscene graffiti on the doors leading to the church read “We killed Jesus", "Christians out" (in English and Hebrew) and "F... off", which were adorned with a "Star of David", apparently so as to leave no one in doubt about the religious affiliation of the perpetrators.

To make the point further, the assailants had urinated on the door and left a long trail of urine leading to it.

According to churchmen at the site, the urination on the door of the shrine has become an almost daily event....

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