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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mary Appears To Muslims !?!

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Now those who read this blog regularly can testify the "The Catholic Knight" is one not easily given to reports of the supernatural. I am highly suspicious of all claims of apparitions, and rightfully so. Most of them turn out to be false. However, every once in a while one does catch my attention. The supposed Marian apparition at the Coptic Orthodox Church in Cairo Egypt is particularly interesting for two reasons. First, it is drawing in lots of Muslims. Second, it has been so thoroughly documented on video that it cannot be dismissed out of hand.

As a man having a modest training in science, I can tell you this is not the product of natural phenomenon or trick camera images. Something is definitely appearing and it is radiating it's own light. I can only come up with two possible explanations for the apparitions videos. One, it is an elaborate hologram generated by expensive equipment within the surrounding structures. (A highly unlikely scenario.) Or two, it is a real and genuine apparition of a being that exists outside of our perceptible dimensions of space.

Is this the Virgin Mary? Well it kind of looks like a "woman clothed in the sun." Could that be her? I suspect - yes. It will be interesting to watch what comes of this in the days ahead. If it is truly a sign from Our Lady, then I would expect two things. One, IF any messages might be received from her, they will be 100% consistent with Catholic and Orthodox dogma. Two, her apparition will result in the conversion of many Muslims.

For those unfamiliar with Islamic beliefs, Muslims do believe in Mary, but not in the same way Catholic and Orthodox Christians do. They revere her as an important figure, and virgin mother of Jesus (considered a great prophet in Islam), but no more than that. In Islam Mary is regarded as symbol of piety and submission to God.

All we can do at this point is watch, wait and see. But let us do so prayerfully, and with cool heads, so as to pay careful attention and not get caught up in emotional frenzy...