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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ten Reasons Why Liberal Christianity Will Die

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Father Longenecker recently made a blog entry titled "10 Reasons Why Modernist Christianity Will Die." It's a fantastic article in which he points out that the very ten things that define Modernist Christianity, are ironically the very ten things that will eventually destroy it. In summary....
  1. Modernists deny supernaturalism and therefore they are not really religious.
  2. Modernism is essentially individualist and not communal.
  3. Modernism is also subjective and sentimentalist.
  4. Modernism is historically revisionist.
  5. Modernists contracept and abort.
  6. Modernism makes no great demands for its devotees to be religious.
  7. The modernist himself does not really understand why anyone should be religious.
  8. Modernists allow for moral degeneracy and that saps the strength out of real religion.
  9. Modernists aren't actually much fun.
  10. Modernists are dull.
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I would like to take Father Longenecher's observations a step further by applying it to all of Protestantism in general. Currently, we're living in a time when Modernism has only visibly infected the older mainline denominations. What many people don't know is that it's already infected the newer Evangelical denominations as well. What we see happening to the older mainline denominations today, will soon be happening to the newer Evangelical denominations within two to three decades at the latest. Personally, I suspect we'll start to see it within ten to fifteen years. Likewise, they too will follow the same path as the mainline denominations. They will do what they did, breaking up into smaller groups, eventually splintering themselves into extinction. The day will come eventually when every individual Protestant will become a church of one.