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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Illegal Aliens, Amnesty & The U.S. Catholic Bishops

Actual Road Sign Along
American/Mexican Border
Urging Motorists to Be Careful
of Illegal Aliens Crossing Highway

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: In the weeks and months ahead you're going to be hearing a lot of things about the U.S. Catholic Bishops, and their approval of an amnesty bill for illegal aliens before the U.S. Congress. Readers of this blog know 'The Catholic Knight' is not afraid to be critical of the U.S. Catholic Bishops, and has even urged his readers to completely ignore the USCCB when it contradicts just about anything that comes out of the Vatican. However, on this issue I'm afraid 'The Catholic Knight' must come to the defense of the bishops, in spite of how much it pains me to do so.

The problem with illegal aliens, particularly from Mexico, is complex. It shouldn't be, but it has become so. Here is why...
  1. Most illegal aliens are essentially economic refugees from a country economically depressed by socialism and corruption.
  2. Most illegal aliens are illegal because the United States does not provide enough work visas to Mexican nationals, mainly because most American voters would never approve of it.
  3. At least half of the Mexican economy is dependent on income from illegals in the United States sending money back to their families in Mexico. If that money supply were to stop, the Mexican economy would collapse overnight, possibly resulting in a civil war and perhaps even a communist revolution.
  4. Wall Street likes illegal aliens because they provide cheap labor to corporations, which strengthens their bottom line, thus providing greater profit margins to their shareholders.
  5. The Republican Party likes illegal aliens because the GOP is joined at the hip to Wall Street.
  6. The Democratic Party likes illegal aliens because it sees them as future Democrat voters once they're given amnesty and fast-track to citizenship.
  7. The U.S. Catholic bishops defend illegal aliens, and champion their cause, because the Church sees this as a humanitarian issue, wherein these people need our help, and the Church cannot turn a blind eye to them.
  8. The United States government has never done anything effective about illegal aliens, because the government understands that America is currently in a depopulation crisis due to rampant abortion and widespread use of artificial contraception.
The first seven issues are basically self explanatory. It's the eighth issue I would like to address, because it cuts to the very core of the problem in our own civilization.

Western civilization is dying.

That's right, I said it. Our modern industrialized world is dying. It will be dead within 50 years. Why? Abortion and artificial contraception are the reason. In effect, we're killing ourselves off retroactively. We're committing self genocide.

The government can't force people to have babies. At the same time, the government must prop up the welfare state, because if it doesn't it will face a revolution. All western governments are dealing with this problem. So in order to prop up the welfare state with more taxpayers in the face of a depleting population, the government must import new taxpayers. These new taxpayers can only come from places in the world were there is a surplus in population, and people who are able to immigrate. Those two places are Latin America and the Islamic World. See this video below for details...

So there you have it. The only thing keeping the United States from going the way of Canada and Europe toward Islamization is the massive influx of illegal aliens coming up from Mexico. Without them, our reproduction rate drops below the sustainable threshold. Illegal Mexicans are the only thing keeping America from becoming an Islamic nation, following in the footsteps of Canada and Europe.

A lot of things are going to be said about the U.S. Catholic bishops in the days ahead in regards to the amnesty for illegals issue. Some of it will come from outside the Church, some of it will come from inside the Church. I usually don't stick up for the U.S. Catholic bishops, but on this issue I have no choice. It pains me to do so, because I am a conservative at heart, and believe people who come into the country illegally should be deported. However, there is much more to this issue than meets the eye. Things are happening that nobody wants to talk about, and if they're not made part of the debate, the American people will be done a great disservice.

We need to step back and look at the big picture. America (like Canada and Europe) has a population crisis. We're not producing enough babies to shore up the tax base to fund the government's entitlement programs. As a result, the government is faced with no option but to import more future taxpayers from other nations. The short-term problem is the nature of the welfare state. It doesn't work in the face of a depleting population. A short-term fix would be to eliminate the welfare state entirely, but to do so will certainly spell trouble for the U.S. federal government. Nations seldom back away from socialism without violence. The long-term fix is to have more babies of course, but there is little any politician or political party can do to make this happen. It's a cultural problem, and it must be addressed on the cultural level. Until then the United States, as well as Canada and Europe, will have a population vacuum. Nature abhors a vacuum, and all vacuums will eventually be filled, one way or another. Until Americans understand this, at a cultural level, we can expect our nation to be filled with more and more immigrants every year - both legal and illegal.

So I encourage you to share this blog entry with all your friends, family and neighbors. Email it to them. Copy it. Send links back to this address:

We need to get the word out. Americans need to know the truth. They need to know what's really happening. Will you do your part to get the word out?


Peter said...

Unfortunately Mr Knight, I do not share your views on this issue. Several states, most recently New Jersey, have propsed giving in-state college tuition rates to illegals. This is another social injustice which enrages Americans and immigrants here legally. This "bend over backwards" and "free lunch" handout has to stop. My position has not changed: if you are here illegally, the only entitlement you have is a one way ride to the border. Period. And it is erroneous to think that since most of them are "catholic" it will save the country from a demographic disaster. Many are catholic in name only, far too many are influenced by marxist radicals, terrorists, drug dealers and Mexican border revisionists. Pete Frey

The Catholic Knight said...

Pete, I really cannot argue with you on any of those points. At heart I agree.

When I step back and look at the big picture though, what I see is a nation that has brought these troubles upon itself, not just with government policy (or lack thereof), but also with social behavior, which condemns a large portion of Americans.

The fact is, if we didn't use so much birth control, and kill off a million babies a year through abortion, we would not have a demographic crisis in the country. America would be exporting people instead of importing them.

Then of course there are the politcs. Neither democrats nor Republicans will do anythig about the problem because both parties benefit from the problem - or at least they think they do.

All of this may be a moot point within a decade or two anyway, as the Divided States of America are sure to break up into at least three new nations by then. There are too many forces pulling this nation apart. The American southwest is unrecoverable anyway, and the window of opportunity to repair the damages has closed. Sadly, I'm being forced to look at things through the lense of religious and cultural demographics now, rather then national identity. America made it's choice in November of 2008. There is no turning back now. Our nation will be robbed of it's economic an military might, then it will be divided into pieces. I don't see how any politician, or political party, can change that now.

Peter said...

Mr Knight, how about this as further proof of the downfall of modern american society. Perhaps strong family bonds are what characterizes the latino culture, contrary to "American" values. Pete Frey

billguy said...

Americans may be well insulated from what most every other nation is experiencing re Muslim immigration. Although in both countries/regions Muslim populations are growing, because the USA hunts and pecks its Muslim immigrants, the Muslims here are well educated and have above average incomes and remains a relatively low percentage(although very fast growing). In Europe, the Muslim population is a large working class four-five times that of the US, with incomes far below the average of their host countries, they again have an enormous growth rate, and their tendancy toward nonintegration is trouble. According to French president Sarcozy, 2/3 of French Imams are on welfare with about 60% not even speaking French; with Muslims overrepresented in French prisons by a factor of 6[source:PBS Wide Angle]. One may surmise this is a recipe for disaster for France or eventually for the USA for that matter. Where is their Charles Martel now? Here is an interesting blog by a Catholic about Hindu concerns about Muslim growth in Hindu areas, giving further evidence that Islam is aggresively engineered for growth:

It is clear that political action needs to take place to stem the Islamic tide as a temporary patch, but as you say Catholic Knight it's Western culture that is failing too. Who can blame a group to grow when resources and circumstance offers that opportunity? It's our job to correct the bad behavior in ourselves and those taking advantage of the circumstance we've created.

I argue that individual groups in the US have had their cultural guiding voices(media, including story telling ability) supplanted by surrogate media voices that apparently have aided in corrupting the subcultures. One result of the loss of media control is the acceptance of feminism, which gave license for males to separate from their offspring(resulting, according to the Moynihan report in 1965, in lost generations of young males now filling prisons). Also, we are inundated with a steady flow of media that generates pervasive mistrust in the society[using and manufacturing problems and divisions was my job as an advertiser - a theory having to do with efficient sales process]. Media hasn't remained parsed according to interest groups, which would then act in the interest of the group, but has been commandeered by a few select groups left to stripmine the subcultures that rely on that media for instruction, information and bearing. One great lost opportunity to change media for the better was the 'ala carte' cable tv bill which was crushed by the established cable media. The internet may eventually do what the ala carte bill supporters couldn't.

As someone who grew up next to the largest Muslim community in the US, near Dearborn MI, I will attest that as well as Europe, Muslims don't generally assimilate to host countries. The difference between arab Chaldean(Christian) Americans and arab Muslims in the Detroit area is extremely stark. Besides having birthrates identical to other Christians, Chaldeans integrate and spread out almost seamlessly throughout the state and region, while Muslims hoard together giving the distinct impression that they will accept little of the host society. When selling cable tv door to door in Dearborn, most every Muslim home demanded a satellite dish to get the foreign channels. I could tell you several shocking stories, including one incident on 9/12/01 where my friend(a videographer at Wayne State University in Detroit) heard that there were celebrations in Dearborn so he and another guy went there and videotaped them honking horns, playing music, and cheering in celebration of the attacks. The network News crews also captured it, but the FBI showed up and confiscated everyone's video tapes.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Knight, I thought you said or implied for the health care debate and several other issues that being critical of the USCCB is the same as not being catholic. So how is it that this is now ok for immigration? One might think that its only ok to disagree if the clergy is not embracing social conservative issues rather than what is Roman Catholic.

Anonymous said...

"Until Americans understand this, at a cultural level, we can expect our nation to be filled with more and more immigrants every year - both legal and illegal."

I don't mean to criticize, but do you realize that you are talking about America? A place where, unless you are Native American, someone somewhere in your family was at one time an immigrant?!? I find little logic in how many conservatives nowadays like to forget this ugly little fact lurking in the background. Illegals are a different topic altogether, but I think that talking about what a horrible thing it is for legal immigrants to come into this country is appalling.

JDM said...

It is not an ideal situation (rarely do we enjoy one), but the significant influx of Mexicans and South Americans is a direct result of our failing American culture.

Failure to have children is the flagship of this terrible fleet. But also the way in which American culture has morphed in its treatment and view of workers has caused this. Our culture became haughty and vindictive with the goal being 'making the most money' and not honest labor.

So, Americans stopped looking at many jobs because Hollywood made fun and continues to.

And let's not kid ourselves, God is letting this happen to some degree because the Mexicans, on average, are much more grounded in Christ than the average secular Protestant. Prosperity Gospel is just another poison on the shelf next to secular humanism and statism.

The best we can do is lead pious, dedicated lives to Christ as priests, fathers/mothers, and workers. We need to run counter to this wicked culture.

Once we have a Catholic majority in this country, and we will see than in a matter of two decades if not sooner, we than must rewrite law to be in total accordance with the Church. Let us pick up the mantle that France used to have as the guardian of the Vatican and faith. We also need outreach directly to Muslims (we need to learn Arabic and pray for the gifts the saints had, like Saint Francis, so we can lead a massive evangelization).

Mary is the key to converting the Muslims and I am convinced she will help us like she did in Mexico but only after we start trying.

Brittanicus said...

Until the US government summons the courage to provide massive penalties for anybody found as accomplice to assisting illegal aliens staying in America. Until businesses are fined $50.000 to $100.000 dollars for knowingly hiring each illegal immigrant, with an immediate passport to jail for any employer with no clemency. Or going straight to prison for at least one year on the first offense, for aiding and abetting foreign nationals. This type of rigid law will never happen, because immigration is just lip service to the public to show that Washington is superficially doing something. For decades, any kind of serious enforcement has always been trampled into the mud, by pandering politicians. If immigration laws were serious--they would have made trespassing into our country a mandatory felony as other countries, instead of a pathetic slap on the wrist. 20 to 30 million Illegal immigrants have been allowed to occupy our nation, because our lawmakers have been corrupted by the special interest lobbyists. Even the original design of the Southern border fence, was superseded by one single length instead of two, with vehicle surveillance lanes in between. More fencing and additional Border Patrol agents will not be sufficient to protect America because every one of our international airports is part of our border. Tom Tancredo previous Congressman for Colorado warns us that over 140 million international travelers passed through our 20 busiest international airports in 2008. Foreign students from the Middle East are bringing their wives and girlfriends here to have their babies in American hospitals, children who become instant American citizens – and "anchors" for their parents' future green-card applications.

Large bankrolls have changed hands by wealthy corporate concerns, adding copious incentives to party campaigns to trample new laws. This has been illustrated by Sen. Harry Reid, Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi and even head of our Homeland Security Janet Napolitano trying to collapse E-Verify. As Part of the SAVE ACT, E-Verify is one of our strongest tools, to eject illegal workers out of American jobs. E-Verify was nearly comprised by the Liberal Democrats, but it surfaced and came to the attention of the public and anti-illegal labor bloggers. Any enforceable law such as E-Verify, 287(g) local police detainment, ICE arrest have been secretly undermined by the legislators. Not completely, but enough to make them almost worthless. Today, more than ever before--we cannot trust our government, who supposedly take this oath office to protect the United States citizenship.

Brittanicus said...

May be there is a light at the end of the tunnel, with the stunned expressions of Democrats when Scott Brown, beat Martha Coakley in the Massachusetts special election. State Sen. Brown has stated he is against any kind of AMNESTY or as its called by open border zealots Comprehensive immigration reform. The Senator also said that we are encouraging more illegal immigrants to come, by awarding AMNESTY. Just as millions more are expected, if the doors remain open before President Obama should sign into law this new act. You cannot stop a deluge with just a thin line of US Border Patrol agents. This is where we must--DEMAND--stringent fines and hefty prison sentences for business owners--with no exceptions. The new second generation well-funded E-Verify will make a giant difference, that will rid this country of illegal workers and those criminal businesses that believe they are above the law. The new E-Verify upgrade will whittle away at the estimated 8 million illegal workers in our country, with their only option to go--HOME?

Rep. Nathan Deal (R-Ga) is the principal author of H.R.1868, which repeals "birthright citizenship" by limiting citizenship to children born of citizens and legal permanent residents, not Tourists, foreign students, temporary workers or illegal aliens. Rep. Phil Gringrey (R-Ga) H.R.878 would end chain migration by limiting the relatives who qualify for "family reunification" to only immediate family members. Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va) bill, H.R.2305, will end the "diversity lottery" through which 55,000 green cards are awarded annually to people who are exempt from sponsorship and job-skill requirements. (Over 1.5 million legal immigrants enter America every year.) Rep. Marsha Blackburn's (R-Tn) H.R.2406 will strengthen local law enforcement's role in immigration enforcement, for example in extending the reach of 287(g) agreements between local police and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.


Anonymous said...

Amnesty, is Sedition, just as surely as abortion is murder.

It disgusts me that the church does not respect my rights as a citizen

Anonymous said...

the post above me beat me to it - Amnesty, is sedition, just as surely as abortion is murder.

and I am more optomistic about the future of at least parts of this country. I think if anything, the current generation of young people is more right thinking than i (and many of my generation were) was at their age, a 'tail end baby boomer'.

Let's support our laws and our young people. And if Mexico needs to be helped to make it livable, lets do our 'nation building' down there, instead of the mideast.

Let's address your concerns the right way, and pray that the Church can follow