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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

As Anglicans Move Toward Rome - Devils Move In For The Kill

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The enemies of the pope have reared their ugly heads (yet again) as Anglicans move toward Rome...
(Telegraph) - Revealed: Anglo-Catholic bishop in talks with CDF to stop English bishops 'smothering' Pope's Anglican plan

...But the important point is this. Although of course Bishop Burnham wouldn’t want his private correspondence revealed in this way, it does show that he has been doing the sensible thing, which is to deal directly with the CDF to stop the Magic Circle (the name of a certain monsignor comes to mind) putting a spanner in the works. He’d be neglecting his duty to his flock if he wasn’t doing so.

This email was leaked by an enemy of the Pope who timed it to throw Anglo-Catholics into confusion just before their day of prayer on Monday. They mustn’t let that happen....

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Clearly this is a Satanic attack, orchestrated by literal "spies" embedded deep within Catholic chanceries orchestrating leaks of sensitive emails to their bosses printing the liberal newspapers. How they got a hold of this email we may never know, but one thing is for sure. It's an inside job.

Simultaneously, this positive news came out....
(Telegraph) - Australia's traditional Anglicans vote to convert to Catholicism

Forward in Faith Australia, part of the Anglo-Catholic group that also has members in Britain and America, is setting up a working party guided by a Catholic bishop to work out how its followers can cross over to Rome.

It is believed to be the first group within the Anglican church to accept Pope Benedict XVI’s unprecedented offer for disaffected members of the Communion to convert en masse while retaining parts of their spiritual heritage.

So far only the Traditional Anglican Communion, which has already broken away from the 70 million-strong Anglican Communion, has declared that its members will become Catholics under the Apostolic Constitution.

The Rt Rev David Robarts OAM, chairman of FIF Australia, said members of the association felt excluded by the Anglican Church in Australia, which had not provided them with a bishop to champion their conservative views on homosexuality and women bishops.

"In Australia we have tried for a quarter of a decade to get some form of episcopal oversight but we have failed," he told The Daily Telegraph.

"We're not really wanted any more, our conscience is not being respected."

Bishop Robarts, 77, said it had become clear that Anglicans who did not believe in same-sex partnerships or allowing women to be ordained as bishops had no place in the "broader Anglican spectrum".

"We're not shifting the furniture, we're simply saying that we have been faithful Anglicans upholding what Anglicans have always believed and we're not wanting to change anything, but we have been marginalised by people who want to introduce innovations.

"We need to have bishops that believe what we believe."

Crossing over to Rome under the new scheme would give the group the chance to retain their Anglican culture without sacrificing their beliefs, he said....

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It's no coincidence that these two stories came out at virtually the same time. It is but a foretaste of things to come. As more and more Anglicans move toward Rome, we can expect the Liberals within the Protestant Anglican Communion to get more and more nasty about it. It starts with hatchet jobs in the press, and it will soon lead to public insults, displays of hatred, and before long lawsuits and legal action. That's how the Liberals in the Protestant Anglican Communion work these days. It's just how they roll. I suppose it's no wonder the Traditional Anglicans are bolting. Is there anyone who can blame them?

If I may be so bold as to make a suggestion to both Traditional Anglican leaders and officials within the Vatican. There is a wonderful little program on the Internet called "Pretty Good Privacy" which is designed to prevent email leaks like this from ever happening. Outside of government decryption software run on supercomputers, it's pretty hard to crack the encryption method used by this program. I would suggest officials at the Vatican, and leaders within the Traditional Anglican groups consider using this software ASAP. Here's the link:

I trust somebody reading this will forward this article to those concerned.