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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Barack Obama Is Still Anti-Catholic

(CNS News) - Harry Knox, who serves on President Barack Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, is standing by a statement he made last March that Pope Benedict XVI is “hurting people in the name of Jesus.”

When asked on Tuesday whether he still holds that view that the pope "is hurting people in the name of Jesus," Knox said, “I do.”...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: So did Harry Knox get a rap on the knuckles for his statement last March that the pope is "hurting people in the name of Jesus?" No, of course not. Knox is just as adamant as ever, nearly one year after the initial remark was made.

Now don't give me this garbage about Obama not knowing, or Obama in silent disagreement with Knox. We all know that's not true. No Whitehouse staffer, especially one so close to Obama, can make a scandalous statement like that and it not get back to the president. Obama knows exactly what Knox is saying, and his lack of corrective action over nearly a year, demonstrates beyond the shadow of a doubt that Obama approves of Harry Knox's statement that the pope is "hurting people in the name of Jesus."

This is all part of the master plan you see. Obama is the most clever anti-Catholic to ever hold the office of president. I say that because there have been others, but most of them were smart enough to keep quiet about their anti-Catholic sentiments. Obama on the other hand flaunts them, but he does so in the most clever way. He does it by appointing the worst Catholics (those who oppose Church teaching) to the highest offices in the land. Then he sends out sharks like Harry to drop a bomb once in a while, while Obama meets with the pope and receives awards from Catholic universities. It's a clever strategy of deception. He smiles and greets the pope with his right hand, while he reaches around and stabs the pope in the back with his left hand.

The following is an article I wrote last June. I've reprinted it here, and added a few short comments in red, because it is so applicable to current events...

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: President Barack Hussein Obama is the most anti-Catholic politician in the history of the United States. His anti-Catholicism is subtle and clever. He doesn't seek to defame or disparage the Catholic Church (much). He doesn't even seek to undermine or persecute it (yet). No. His strategy is simple and cunning. Instead, he intentionally exploits the weaknesses of the U.S. Catholic Church with the intent of dividing it, fracturing it, and rendering it impotent.

It's nothing personal. It's just business. Obama doesn't necessarily hate Catholics. Nor does he necessarily hate Catholicism. I'm sure he would have no problem shaking the pope's hand, or speaking at Catholic universities (oh wait! he's already done that). It's just that Catholicism gets in the way of his agenda you see.

It's no secret anymore that Barack Obama is a socialist and a fascist (actually I think Marxist is the best description of him). Every policy decision he's made thus far has been in the trend of nationalization of private industry (the definition of socialism), or to use government bailouts to control business according to his agenda (the definition of fascism). Since the Republicans have been whipped, the media is now in his back pocket, and Evangelicals are losing their cohesiveness, Obama has virtually no one left to stop him. Except that is for one thing. It's the only entity that has effectively fought and defeated both socialism and fascism (i.e. various forms of Marxism) on three continents. That entity is the Catholic Church. Ever since the rise of Marxist ideology in the early 20th century, every single Catholic pope from then until now has directly challenged, opposed and condemned it and the leaders behind it. Pope John Paul II's defeat of communism in Poland is an example of just how dangerous the Catholic Church can be to Obama's agenda. All the pope would need to do is publicly condemn Obama's presidency and the tide would begin to turn on Obama overnight, as he would be forced to reckon with the wrath of the nation's sixty-seven-million Roman Catholics. When asked to choose between the pope and the president, even the most moderate Catholic would find a canonically condemned administration difficult to support. Obama knows that as his agenda becomes more clear and obvious to the world, this day of reckoning will come with the Catholic Church.

Therefore, his strategy is to divide and conquer. He's doing it by appointing as many Cafeteria Catholics as possible to high ranking government positions. These so-called "Catholics," who are marginal at best, have already made their choice to support various Leftist and Marxist agendas over the teachings of the Church anyway. Many of them subscribe to abortion-on-demand, a legal position utterly condemned by the Catholic Church. Likewise, many of them subscribe to Liberation Theology, a socialist ideology also condemned by the Catholic Church. These ideologies fall right in line with Obama's socialist and fascist (Marxist) agenda. By appointing these so-called "Catholics" to high ranking positions within the government, while simultaneously speaking at as many Catholic engagements as possible, Barack Obama can use his alleged "pro-Catholic record" as ammunition against any future attacks by the Vatican or U.S. Catholic bishops. Simultaneously, he's exploiting the U.S. Catholic Church's biggest weakness, which is the American bishops' poor catechises and lax discipline of the faithful for the last 40 years. We could say the U.S. Catholic bishops have dug their own grave, and now they must lie in it. Indeed they have, and that is exactly what Obama is banking on. With the clergy already scandalized by sex-abuse and cover-up, (a phenomenon that only affected 5% of the clergy by the way), many U.S. Catholics are already frustrated with the leadership of the U.S. Church and question it's moral authority. Surly this history will be drudged up in any direct confrontation between the Church and the Whitehouse. Obama is banking that with his supposed "pro-Catholic record," (in appointment of officers) and the frustration many Catholics already have with the hierarchy, he will be able to split the Church among the laity. Since only about half of all U.S. Catholics regularly practice the faith anyway, he's betting he can easily pull the other half over to his side and get them to actively work against (even protest) the Catholic hierarchy in his favor when the time is right. Indeed, nothing would serve Obama better than an all out split (a formal schism) within the U.S. Catholic Church during his administration, and you can bet that's exactly what he and his cronies are working toward.

So it's time for U.S. Catholics to pull together and remember the work of Pope John Paul II against the communists in Poland. By organizing the Polish Church with solidarity, John Paul II was able to bring the socialists to their knees in that country. There was nothing John Paul II taught that was any different than what previous pontiffs had taught about socialism. There is nothing different between what John Paul II taught about Catholic Social Justice, and what the current Pope Benedict XVI teaches about it. From the early 20th century, to this very day, the teaching of the popes on communism, socialism, and fascism has been clear and consistent. If we are truly Catholic, then we know what that teaching is. If for some reason you find yourself as a Catholic who doesn't know, you had better do some reading and find out, before it's too late. As for those of us who do know, let us be bold and remember the words of Pope John Paul II upon his election to the papacy - "Do not be afraid!"