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Monday, March 22, 2010

Immigration Reform = God's Chastisement On America

(AP) - Frustrated with the lack of action to overhaul the country's immigration system, tens of thousands of demonstrators rallied on the National Mall and marched through the streets of the capital Sunday, waving American flags and holding homemade signs in English and Spanish.

Supporters traveled from around the country in hopes the rally would re-energize Congress to take up the volatile issue. Some lawmakers oppose any attempt to help an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants become U.S. citizens while others insist on stronger border controls first...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: This is going to be a tough pill for my readers to swallow, but I actually support the Democrats on this. However, it's not for the typical reasons you might think. Please read on, and feel free to criticize my views in the comments below. As a conservative patriotic American, I sympathize with your frustration and dissent, and provided it's clean I'll give you an open forum to voice it here.

I don't support immigration reform because I'm a bleeding heart liberal, nor is it because I have some misplaced sense of "social justice." I don't support it because the USCCB told me to, nor do I support it because the Vatican encourages compassion. I don't support it because I'm a "free-trader" nor because I want "open-borders." I am not a supporter of NAFTA nor the emerging "North American Union" (NAU). I admit my reasons for supporting this are peculiar which is why I believe my readers deserve a full explanation. My reasons are as follows...

Reason # 1
The United States of America is under the chastisement of God. We must embrace it, not resist it. The chastisement comes mainly for one reason, and that is the wholesale slaughter of the unborn children through abortion and embryonic stem-cell research. It is also because of the countless souls that have never even been conceived do to the massive use of artificial birth-control, in addition to widespread sexual perversion in the form of fornication, adultery and homosexuality. All of this together has resulted in a birthrate decline that is unsustainable. We have already dropped below the threshold of what is historically reversible. Therefore with a native population that is in decline, it must be replaced, in earnest and as quickly as possible, by people who are more likely to follow God's laws. While Mexicans are not perfect, and they too are just as prone to sin as we are, they have so far demonstrated a general willingness to avoid abortion, artificial birth-control, and maintain God's model for a traditional family most of the time. While not all of them are Catholic, the majority of them are, and so this also puts them in greater favor with God than the general (liberal or dispensationalist) Protestant population of the United States. God is giving this land over to those people who are more likely to follow his laws, and we as Catholic Christians MUST NOT resist the chastisement of God Almighty.

Reason # 2
As pointed out in reason # 1, the native population of the United States is in serious decline that is unsustainable. The social security safety net will collapse without sufficient tax revenue if the number of wage earners is declining. Therefore, the federal government must import wage earners, in earnest, to shore up it's financial obligations or else it will face a bloody revolution! Europe and Canada have also faced a similar situation with their declining native populations, and therefore have been forced to import as many new taxpayers as possible to shore up their social security systems. Unfortunately for them, they have not had a Catholic third-world nation directly to the south already sending potential taxpayers to them by the truckload. They've been forced to seek immigrants from around the world, and also unfortunately for them, the only people ready and willing to come are African and Middle Eastern Muslims. For this reason, Europe and Canada are quickly importing massive numbers of Muslim immigrants who reproduce several times faster than native Europeans and Canadians with an average of 4 to 8 children per household. Naturally, over a period of just a few decades this will result in a dramatic population shift in these countries to a growing Islamic influence. This is why many demographic experts have predicted that Europe (and possibly even Canada) will be Islamic nations by 2050. The United States is in the EXACT SAME BOAT, with the exception that we have Mexican Catholics clamoring to get into this country from a nation immediately to our south and don't require a plane ticket to get here. Importing Mexican Catholic taxpayers into the American economy, as opposed to African and Asian Islamic taxpayers, makes logical sense and spares us the fate that will soon come upon Europe and Canada once Muslims have a large enough demographic to transform those countries into Islamic nations.

Reason # 3
Protestantism has failed in America. Likewise, American-style Liberal Catholicism has failed as well. "Americanism," which has always been condemned by the popes, has now failed America. The idea of a secular government, that maintains a "wall of separation" between religion and government has resulted in the mess we currently endure. It does not work, and it will continue to fail. America needs to become a Catholic nation, at least socially, with a government that is subservient to the will of a Catholic majority. When I say Catholic majority, however, I do not mean the liberal American-style of Catholicism that has been the status quo in the United States for the last fifty years. What America needs is a vibrant and dynamic new Catholicism that is rooted in tradition. Some Catholic Americans are already working on this, as we see developing on EWTN and in the Old Southern states. Mexican Catholics have a lot to offer to this, but it must be a convergence between the two that will transform America into what it needs to be. We must not forget that the religious pluralism, with a Protestant majority, has totally and completely failed the United States. Liberal American-style Catholicism has been no help at all. There needs to be a social shake-up of our religious demographic mix if we ever hope to prepare for Islamic majorities in Europe and Canada.

Reason # 4
The current situation with illegal aliens in the United States is entirely the fault of the United States government, and not the fault of those who took advantage of the situation. For about three decades now, the U.S. feds have been practically ENCOURAGING Mexican nationals to illegally enter this country. Likewise, the Mexican government has been supporting it as well. One would almost think there is a backroom conspiracy going on between the two governments. I suspect this is probably because of the demographics issue. Our government knows the current rate of native depopulation is unsustainable, but at the same time refuses to explain this to Americans. Why? I'm not sure. Maybe it's because forces within our government are trying to depopulate the nation of natives? Who knows? Whatever the case, the policy of near zero enforcement of our nations immigration laws has been in place for decades, and the result has been an illegal population of about 20+ million people. YOU CANNOT DEPORT TWENTY-MILLION PEOPLE!!! Sorry, that's not possible. It would be a humanitarian crisis. You cannot incarcerate twenty-million people either. The cost would be more than it's worth. The best thing to do is fix the problem that led to it - which is open borders. Then we must give Mexico a favored immigration policy, and get these people legal as quickly as possible so we can start taxing them.

Reason # 5
The current system is set up to victimize both Mexican illegals and the American blue collar working class. By allowing illegals to stay illegal, the government collects some revenue off them through the payroll tax. That's because private businesses that hire illegals would much rather pay the INS fines if they get caught, then get busted by the IRS for tax evasion if they fail to report the pyroll tax. So the government already gets a little revenue off them with no fear of ever having to pay out government entitlement benefits. However, by staying illegal the business benefits too, because it neither has to pay job benefits nor minimum wage. This hurts the Mexican illegal of coarse because he works for sub-standard pay, has no benefits, and no legal recourse for anything. However it also hurts the American blue collar class who get squeezed out of work because of illegals who will do it cheaper. By legalizing the 20+ million illegals in this country everybody will benefit. First the governemnt will get more revenue because it will finally be able to tax these people directly. Second, Mexican illegals will finally get full American pay and benefits, as well as legal recourse. This will give them a reason to pursue full citizenship and fully integrate with American culture. Third, the American blue collar working class will no longer have to compete with unfair competition. At long last it will cost an employer the exact same amount of money to higher an American as it would to higher a Mexican. With cost being exactly the same, Mexican nationals will no longer have the advantage of unfair competition, and employers will no longer have any advantage to discriminating against the American blue collar working class.