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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Century of Darkness

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: As conservative Americans lament the socializing of the U.S. economy under President Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress, it would be helpful for Catholic Americans to step back and put the whole thing into historical and prophetic context.

The Russian Bolshevik Revolution occurred in October - November of 1917, immediately following the miracle of the sun at Fatima in October of that same year. Our Lady warned us of what was to come. The secrets of Fatima were as follows...
  1. A greater war would follow World War I after the "strange light" in the night sky (fulfilled in January of 1938 and immediately followed by World War II).
  2. Then Russia would spread it's [Marxist] errors all over the world and entire nations would disappear (fulfilled in 1945 through present).
  3. The Holy Father (the pope) would suffer martyrdom and the Catholic Church would be left in ruins (currently waiting on fulfillment, though John Paul II believed the prophecy applied to him).
Personally, I believe the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II was just a foretaste of what is to come. This is because John Paul II survived and there are multiple prophecies from other approved Catholic seers who likewise predict an actual assassination of the pope.

Pope Leo XIII himself gave a prophecy concerning a century of darkness that was to come. Based on this message, followed by the message and timing of the Fatima visions, in conjunction with the prophecies of Anne Catherine Emmerich and many other approved Catholic mystics, it is reasonable to conclude that the century of darkness began immediately after the close of the Fatima visitations in 1917. This coincides with the Bolshevik Revolution in October-November of that same year. Ever since then, the world has been hopelessly under the influence of Marxism.


Marxism is the political and economic philosophy of Karl Marx in which the concept of class struggle plays a central role in understanding society's allegedly inevitable development from capitalism to a socialist and ultimately classless society. From Marxism comes the concepts of implementation ranging from extreme to moderate: communism, socialism, fascism, and liberalism (or what some call "soft marxism").

Now, nearly one-hundred years after the Bolshevik Revolution, virtually every nation on the earth as succumbed to the ideology of Karl Marx in one way or another. Of course many Americans are fond of the notion that the United States stood squarely against Marxism throughout the twentieth century. This is a fanciful notion, but a very incorrect one. In fact, the United States of America fully embraced the theories of Karl Marx, it just disagreed with Russia (and the Soviet Union) as to how it should be implemented. The Russians preferred a fast and immediate transition via force - communism. While the Americans preferred a more slow and gradual transition - liberalism. For the United States it began with the graduated income tax and the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913. These seemingly benign policies would lay the foundation for America's Marxist transition later on. Then with the election of President Franklin Roosevelt in 1930, the United States wholly embraced the slow and steady transition to a Marxist economy. Later, under President Lyndon Johnson in the 1960s, that transition took the next step. Small steps continued under presidents Carter, Clinton and George W. Bush. Finally, with the presidency of Barack Obama, the United States took a major leap toward implementing the Marxist agenda. Legislation was signed into law starting the process toward socialized medicine. This followed the government takeover of many insurance agencies, financial institutions, banks and one automobile manufacturing giant. It is estimated that after the full implementation of the healthcare legislation, nearly 1/2 of the United States economy will be owned and operated by the federal government - the very definition of a socialist nation.

If we are correct in assuming that 1917 marks the beginning of the century of darkness foretold by Pope Leo XIII and others, then we can take comfort in the knowledge that Satan's reign of terror is soon coming to a close. However, that does not mean he will relinquish power quickly. There may be years of struggle to follow as the world is slowly turned back over to a more Christian way of governance. Many prophecies predict terrible wars, accompanied by disruptions in the Church, the assassination of the pope, and even a divine intervention in the form of a terrible celestial event.

Now here is the bad news. The speculative timing of these events may be off. There is a good school of thought which suggests that the date of the century of darkness actually began in January of 1938. This is because all of the prophecies of Our Lady of Fatima were conditional up to that point (the beginning of the Second World War), and then the prophecies seemed to become more unconditional thereafter. IF this school of thought is correct, then the century of darkness will not end until 2038, and there are two prophecies from approved Catholic sources that seem to confirm this. IF they are correct, then we have about another 28 years of pure socialism to look forward to before it finally reaches it's inevitable violent end.

So what we are watching for in the years to come is a sign. Does our suffering under Marxism begin to end in 2017, or must we wait until 2038? That is the prophetic question of our time. The sign will be war - specifically - another war in Europe. When the fighting begins, know the century of darkness is rapidly coming to an end.