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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

OFFICIAL: US Episcopal Church To Consecrate ANOTHER Gay Bishop

Bishop Gene Robinson (Left) and Bishop-Elect Mary Glasspool (Right)
Both openly gay clergy now represent the "face" of the U.S. Episcopal Church
(Episcopal News Service) - Diocese of Los Angeles Bishop-elect Mary Douglas Glasspool has received the required number of consents from diocesan standing committees and bishops with jurisdiction to her ordination and consecration as a bishop, the presiding bishop's office confirmed in a March 17 announcement.

Glasspool was elected on Dec. 5, 2009, the second of two bishops suffragan elected at the 114th annual convention in the Diocese of Los Angeles. In an unofficial tally, the diocese had announced on March 10 that Glasspool had received 61 consents, five more than the 56 required, from the church's diocesan standing committees.

Her consecration, along with that of the Rev. Canon Diane Jardine Bruce, who was elected a day earlier, are planned for May 15. Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori will be the chief consecrator...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Of course this was predictable, in fact, I did predict it HERE. It's official, the U.S. Episcopal Church has now become nothing more than a homosexual lobbyist group. So what does the Anglican Communion now offer (other than gay clergy, gay marriages and priestesses) that will not be found in the Anglican ordinariates within the Catholic Church? The answer is NOTHING! The Anglican Communion has nothing to offer, that is unique, other than gay clergy, blessing of same-sex marriages and priestesses.

Seriously, just think about it for a moment. The Anglican Communion has an assortment of parishes around the world ranging from Evangelical to Anglo-Catholic. What's so special about Anglican Evangelicalism? Can we not find the exact same thing among other Evangelicals? What's so special about Anglo-Catholicism? Will we not find the exact same thing in the emerging Anglican ordinariates? Perhaps the Communion will attempt to boast of it's diverse unity - a unity that is now falling apart. Maybe it can boast that it has no strict authority structure, which of course has now led to its demise. Ah, but of course we have the boast that Anglicanism is the via media ("middle way") between Catholicism and Protestantism, but then, wouldn't that designation more aptly describe the emerging Anglican ordinariates, which actually fulfill the vision of the Oxford Movement? What does Anglicanism have to offer anyway? I mean what does it have to offer other than gay clergy, gay marriages and priestesses?