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Monday, April 19, 2010

The Anti-Catholic Mainstream News Media

A nasty anti-Catholic cartoon published by Harper's Weekly on May 8, 1875.

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: It has been said that anti-Catholicism is the last acceptable prejudice. Of this every Catholic can be sure, because never in recent memory has it been so plainly on display in the mainstream news media's coverage of the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church.

Though such scandal is unacceptable for any religious institution, it is nevertheless a statistical FACT that this type of scandal is no more prevalent in the Catholic Church than in any other Christian denomination. Nor is it any more prevalent in Christianity than in any other religion. In fact, the truth be told, statistical evidence clearly indicates that sexual abuse and cover up is exponentially higher in non-religious institutions, particularly those run by government programs. In the United States alone, an independent government survey of it's own public school system revealed that public school children are over 100 times more likely to be molested by a school employee, before they graduate high school, than a Catholic child is likely to be molested within the Catholic Church. This is more than a shocking statistic. It's an indictment! So that being the case, does the mainstream news media give at least 100 times more press coverage to the greater scandal within America's public schools? No. Of course not. That type of bad press is reserved exclusively for the Catholic Church.

The latest target of this media smear is none other than the pope himself - Benedict XVI - formerly Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. The records tell the actual story and the press tells another. The records indicate that at least one official within the Vatican (Cardinal Darío Castrillón Hoyos) did apparently encourage cover up of sexual scandal, or at least it would seem that way. However, they also indicate that no prelate was more active in uprooting this kind of corruption than Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. Ratzinger was appointed prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (or "CDF") in 1981. Though he was given only limited authority over issues related to sexual abuse, Ratzinger went to work exploiting every ounce of the limited power he was given. As a result, within 20 years, he was able to reduce the occurrence of sexual abuse within the Church down to pre-1950 levels. This was done during a time when sexual abuse of minors was increasing in non-religious (secular) society. That's quite an accomplishment for a man with limited power over this issue. In fact the late Pope John Paul II was so pleased with the results, that in 2001 he transferred full authority to defrock abusive priest away from Cardinal Hoyos over to Cardinal Ratzinger.

In spite of this overwhelming evidence, not only clearing Ratzinger of any blame, but actually demonstrating he was a hero in fighting sexual abuse, the media instead focuses it's attack on him like a laser beam. Why is this? Well, it's simple really, and it's nothing personal against Ratzinger. You see the mainstream news media is run by anti-Catholics. These are liberal Secularists, Atheists, non-practicing Jews and lapsed Catholics who have always had an ax to grind against the Vatican for it's strong stand against homosexuality and abortion - the two "sacraments" of modern liberalism.

Their unwarranted attack against this pope is predictable. Strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter. That's how the strategy works - right? While they try to cloak their intolerant hatred in the veneer of "non-biased objective" reporting, we have to remember that their bias is not detected so much in what they say, but in what they don't say. Important pieces of the story are intentionally left out. The information that lands on the cutting room floor in news media outlets around the world (particularly in English-speaking countries) is what would exonerate the pope and turn him into a hero. This is the news that will NEVER be reported because it doesn't fit the anti-Catholic template of those who run our major news outlets. Occasionally however, their true anti-Catholic feelings are leaked to the public, usually in the form of op-ed articles that the general editor approves for print. From these we can get a glimpse of what's really going on in the minds of those who report the news to us...
(ABC) -- No-one has yet suggested bombing the Vatican and pursuing the Pope through the sewers of Europe till he is caught and riddled with bullets in order to stop priests buggering choirboys in Boston, Chicago, Dublin and Sydney...

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Now unlike many mainstream media news outlets, The Catholic Knight will cite the context of this excerpt. The article itself is an anti-war piece. It's an attack on the way the west battles terrorism. However, in the article, the author reveals a little about himself and those he associates with in the mainstream news media. From this article we learn that they make no distinction between Pope Benedict XVI and Osama Bin Laden. From this we learn that they make no distinction between a man who fights to stop sexual abuse, and a man who plots the bombing of innocent people. From this we learn that the media has been lying so much that it's actually starting to believe it's own lies about the pope, but it's nothing personal you see. It's all just business. The mainstream news media is in the business of attacking and tearing down anything that is good and wholesome, particularly religion, and the Catholic Church you see just happens to be the largest target. To destroy the Church they must first destroy it's shepherd, and that my friends is the ONLY thing that explains their blatant disregard for the facts in their unrelenting attack against the Holy Father. This isn't the first time the American press has displayed a blatant hostility toward the Catholic Church. It's been going on for nearly two centuries. Yes it's true, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Anti-Catholicism truly is the last remaining acceptable prejudice, especially in the mainstream news media.

A nasty anti-Catholic cartoon published by the Philadelphia Inquirer on February 21, 2010