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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lesbian Bishop To Be Consecrated on May 15

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Save the date! The Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles is set to consecrate as bishop Mary Glasspool, an active and partnered lesbian. This comes six years after the consecration of Bishop Gene Robinson in New Hampshire. Robinson is also an active and partnered homosexual. Both Glasspool and Robinson are open about their homosexuality and see no problem with it conflicting with their professed Christian faith. The Episcopal Church seems to have no problem with it either, and in fact there is a good chance that another homosexual will soon be elected bishop in the Episcopal Diocese of Nevada. I've heard rumors there is even another potential somewhere in the Old South (Dixie).

It will be interesting to see how conservatives within the Anglican Communion will react to this. They have already threatened to disassociate from The Episcopal Church completely.

In light of all this The Catholic Knight has just one question for our Episcopalian brothers and sisters in Christ. How's that whole "Protestant Reformation" thing working you for you?