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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The UK Is Anti-Catholic

( – In a televised debate last week, all three leaders of the major British political parties accused Pope Benedict XVI of failing sufficiently to recognize and deal with the sex abuse scandals in the Catholic Church.

With Britain’s next general election looming and the country gearing up for an official papal visit, the televised debate featured the leaders of Britain’s political class scolding Pope Benedict for upholding Catholic teaching on homosexuality, contraception and abortion, and for what was alleged to be his inaction on the sexual abuse of minors by priests....

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Their answers were in response to what was clearly a loaded question from a member of the audience. Still, the fact that not a single candidate dared to even question the accusation against our pope demonstrates once again, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that after 500 years, the UK is still an overwhelmingly anti-Catholic country.

This comes on the heels of an embarrassing memo leaked to the press in which members of the British government circulated an anti-Catholic "joke" that mocked the pope and the teachings of the Catholic Church. The British government has since apologized to the Vatican over this.

In this latest anti-Catholic scandal, we now have clear evidence that the leaders of all three British political parties are anti-Catholic. This is demonstrated by their willingness to presume guilt on the pope without sufficient evidence against him. Of course this is the very definition of prejudice in a legal sense.

British anti-Catholicism has a long history going back five centuries and reaching the highest levels of British government. It began in the early 16th century when King Henry VIII failed to receive an annulment from the Vatican and subsequently broke English Christianity away from the pope and declared himself the absolute spiritual ruler of the Church of England. He then proceeded on a campaign to persecute and murder all who opposed his personal claim to the "English papacy." Things only went downhill from there. In subsequent generations the throne passed between Catholic and Protestant heirs, each persecuting their political enemies. The final result came under Queen Elizabeth I which settled England as a Protestant country. In the following centuries, England became the leading herald of anti-Catholic propaganda around the world, as the British crown persecuted Irish Catholics and waged war against the Catholic kingdoms of France and Spain.

Anti-Catholicism took firm root in all of England's colonies, especially the thirteen American colonies. This is how the United States came to be so anti-Catholic. The venom was inherited from it's British colonial past and continues even today in the form of radical Fundamentalism and leftist Liberalism.

Sadly, the more things change the more they stay the same. The world may have moved into the 21st century, but British politics is still locked in the 16th century. To date Catholics are still forbidden from the British royal family. Government officials still mock the pope and the Church behind closed doors. Leading party officials not only refuse to defend the pope's right of innocence until proven guilty, but actually participate in promoting anti-Catholic presumption. Way to go England! Thanks for reminding the world just how little you've progressed in five centuries. Just brilliant! Jolly good show!