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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Episcopal Church USA Leaves Anglican Communion

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: At the very moment this article hits the Internet, The Episcopal Church USA will have left the Anglican Communion. Oh, don't look for any official announcements to that effect, because the move was made by action not words.

On Saturday May 15th 2010, The Episcopal Church officially consecrated Canon Mary Glasspool, an open and practicing lesbian, as "bishop" in the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles. This act is in direct violation of the Lambeth Conference 2008 and 1998. It is in direct opposition to the ultimatum against such consecrations made by conservative Anglican primates around the world and the dire warnings of the Archbishop of Canterbury. As of the moment this article hits the Internet, the Anglican Communion is in absolute disarray.

At this point, the only act that could save the Anglican Communion would be the direct intervention by the Archbishop of Canterbury in formerly disassociating himself from The Episcopal Church - a de facto "excommunication" if you will, of the American denomination. However, this is extremely unlikely. Archbishop Rowan Williams has repeatedly demonstrated little desire to do anything more than make speeches.

So the matter then defaults to the conservative Anglican primates around the world, some of whom have already disassociated themselves from The Episcopal Church and one who is actively planting a missionary diocese in North America. The question now is what to do with The Archbishop of Canterbury? While it is a given that continued association with The Episcopal Church will be impossible for most of these primates, the real concern is whether or not these conservatives will continue to associate themselves with an Archbishop who links them to the US Episcopalians by virtue of his common communion with both groups. In other words, will these conservative primates desire to remain in a worldwide Communion that is increasingly becoming more liberal, unbiblical, immoral and effectively anti-Christian?

The Episcopal Church has called their bluff. Now the ball rests squarely in the court of the conservative Anglican primates. What will they do? And if they remain in communion with either The Episcopal Church or Canterbury, can they be taken seriously?

Waiting quietly in the wings is the invitation of the Bishop of Rome (the pope) which offers full pastoral protection, and preservation of Anglican traditions, including a priesthood that is open to married men. What happens next remains to be seen.