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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Free Speech In America Today

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The commentator on the video is right. This is what will happen in cities all over America as the Islamic population in the United States continues to grow. However, the commentator doesn't point out a few important things....

First, not all Muslims are like this. Many of them would never dream of treating their fellow man this way. The Dearborn MI festival featured in the above video is an "Arab Festival" not an "Islamic Festival." That's important to note. The festival is designed to attract business and commerce to what has become a heavily Arab owned part of the inner city. As it stands, the theme of the festival is primarily ethnic, not religious, which is also important to note. Even Arab Christians are invited to set up their booths for retail and display. All of this is very important to remember. Naturally, with any kind of an Arab event, there is going to be a large Islamic presence, mainly because most Arabs are Muslims. Below is a short video promoting the festival which is important to note for the sake of context...

Second, what we've learned about Muslim populations is that in small quantities they are usually quiet and reserved. They usually keep to themselves, and usually don't want to stir up any trouble. That's important to remember, because we don't want to run the risk of stereotyping ALL Muslims with the inhumanity of a small few. In places throughout the Western world, including the United States, where Islamic populations are thriving, and growing to large numbers, they tend to become more emboldened. In addition, the few who are troublemakers often tend to take center stage. Often they will try to become "community organizers" or "security officials." They may even go so far as to become "spokesmen" for the Islamic community in their area, even though they don't necessarily represent the views of most Muslims. The problem we're seeing in the West is that Islam appears to have no safeguards or "checks and balances" to keep radicals from taking over a generally passive Muslim population. In Christianity for example, dangerous radicals are usually kept in check by church officials from various denominations, which usually condemn these radical tendencies as "heresy." Various apologetic agencies work feverishly to put them down, and the average Christian usually knows (can even sense) when something isn't right. We generally don't see this kind of a pro-active approach in the Islamic communities. Which is one reason why radicals often take charge.

Third, the commentator in the top video is correctly pointing out the dangers of Islamic "community organizers" abusing civil authority to push the Islamic agenda in America. It's been happening in Europe for years, now America joins into the rush for Sharia law. However, it's only fair to point out that Islamic radicals are not the first to use political and civil thuggery to get their way. It's been used by militant Secularists on these shores, as well as pro-abortion activists, militant feminists, Marxists, environmentalists, Klansmen, neo-nazis, etc. So there is nothing new about this kind of thuggery. However, the commentator correctly surmises that as Islamic populations grow, we can expect the radicals to grow, and see these kinds of abuses increase in the near future.

Finally, for all of the complaining about the dangers of Islamic growth in the United States, there is nothing the top video presents in the way of solutions. Of course, American Christians (both Catholic and Protestant) can remedy this problem by taking matters into our own hands. We need not frustrate ourselves by trying to get the government to do our bidding when we know it will not. The fact is, there is a reason why Islam is growing in the United States, and it's the same reason why it's growing in Canada and western Europe. These reasons, and their solutions are as follows...
  1. The single greatest threat to Christianity in the Western world is not Islam. It's not militant Secularism, Communism, Fascism or Marxism. (Though these are all great threats!) The single GREATEST threat to Christianity in the Western world is none other than ARTIFICIAL BIRTH CONTROL or ARTIFICIAL CONTRACEPTION. For decades now, this is been reducing the size of Christian families, and thereby limiting the number of Christians repopulating the Western world - even the United States. The solution to this problem is simple, but involves sacrifice, and it is mainly the responsibility of today's young married couples. The solution is to START HAVING BABIES AGAIN! Ideally, Christian families should have no less than four children - three at an absolute minimum. The more the better though, and this serves a great purpose. By having more children, Christians are contributing to securing a better future for any and all children they have. The reason for this is simple. How comforting is it to have just one or two children, knowing that those children will inherit an Islamic majority in the distant future? By the time they're grown, and have children of their own, Sharia law will be a daily part of their lives, either directly or indirectly. Wouldn't it be better to have more Christian children now, thus reducing the likelihood of an Islamic majority later? The fact is our government will not import more Muslim immigrants from Africa and Asia if it already has a plentiful taxable population already here in the United States. Uncle Sam just wants his tax revenue. He doesn't care if it's Christian dollars or Muslim dollars. He just wants the dollars! When Christians depopulate, through artificial birth control, Uncle Sam has to get his money from somewhere. If we Christians won't produce tomorrows taxpayers, then Uncle Sam will import them from wherever he can, and there are plenty of Muslims just itching to get into the United States.
  2. The second greatest threat to Christianity in the Western world is failure of parents to pass on the Christian faith to their children. Practice Christianity in your home, and be sure to transmit the faith on to your children. There is no use having more Christian children if they're only going to lose their faith as adults. Failure to practice the Christian faith in your own home may very well result in Muslim, Pagan or atheist grandchildren.
  3. The third greatest threat to Christianity in the Western world is the failure of Christians to share their faith with non-Christians. Evangelize! And when necessary, use words! There is nothing wrong with befriending your Muslims neighbors. I'm talking about real friendship here! I'm not talking about making friends so you can preach at them. If you befriend your Muslim neighbors, the evangelism of your kindness will speak more to them than anything else. There is no need to pester them about religion, but at the same time, there is nothing prohibiting you from sharing it when the legitimate opportunities present themselves.
I guarantee if these three steps are followed, Islam will never take over the United States, and maybe, just maybe, we can even take back Canada and Europe too. I realize that's a long shot, but with God anything is possible.